How to Create Strong Passwords Easily

Passwords and security codes are the most delicate things on internet. Even sites with strong encryption can’t keep them safe. Internet security is a major topic. Encryption from server side is just not enough. You as a user also need to take some security steps. Today’s article is about the most important security step a user […]
speed up android control app process

Speed Up Android by Controlling App Processes

This Article is a part of Get Things Done Faster series. So do check it out.  You might have experienced that after installing too many apps your Android device will start lagging. This especially happens with entry level phones and devices with medium configuration. Flagship phones are just a different league. They are built to […]

How to Use Dropbox Most Effectively

With over 200 million users Dropbox is the top rated online file storage and syncing utility available on all devices.  Around 1 billion files are uploaded to Dropbox servers every 24 hours. Millions of users upload files. But, Dropbox is not limited to just backup data. You can do dozens of innovative stuff efficiently. Well, […]

5 Websites Every Android Enthusiasts should Follow

Android is now used on more than 1 Billion devices. There’s no doubt that Android has dominated the Smartphone OS market. All because of it’s open source nature which gives users the freedom to perform tons of customization. Well, customization is what makes me love Android. So, if you too love Android or may be […]

Remove Date Stamp from WordPress for Better Google Ranking

Date Stamps help users to check whether the content they are reading is latest or not. This can helpful to News websites and blogs that need constant updating. But, dates can be harmful to blogs and websites with evergreen content. Evergreen contents means the content that can be used for a long period of time. […]

Best Android Apps for Productivity 2015

As you get adult, the conscious of making money grows up. Another conscious that builds up is getting more productive. How can I make the best use of my time? How can I Organize my time and reach my Goal? These questions become very common and obvious. Well, if it doesn’t than there’s something wrong […]

Why Chrome Eats Too much of RAM and How to reduce it

Google Chrome is one of the fastest browsers alive. But, from past few years it’s suffering from the complaints of users that say it makes too much of RAM usage. So, today we’ll dig into why Chrome eats too much of RAM and what are the ways to reduce that usage. This Post Was Last […]
May's DVC Campaign

WonderFox DVD Video Converter Senior Edition Giveaway

Did you miss Mother’s Day this Month? Don’t worry. You can still make your Mom happy by giving them a gift they’ll love. A small software gift that can help them easily convert videos to whatever format they want without any technical knowledge. Folks at WonderFox have created a Senior edition for their popular DVD Video […]