ATF In-Depth: How to Learn Coding

Share and Spread Knowledge: Popularity of Coding increased in past few years. With the increased number of smartphone users all over the world,running on different OS(Operating System), the demand of coding / programming gradually increased along with that. More and more companies are recruiting coders/programmers to keep up with the flow. Even with overlooking the […]

8+ Cool Themes and Skins that will Rock Windows 10

Share and Spread Knowledge:Are you bored with the current Windows 10 theme? Well, it’s been just 2 months since Windows 10 RTM has launched and you’re already tired of it. No problem, here we’ve got some awesome themes and skins to show you. These themes will revamp your Windows 10 experience with new Icons, Taskbar, […]

Bootstrap Tutorial: Getting Started [Documentation Simplified]

Share and Spread Knowledge: (We here at All Tech Flix are starting a Programming and Web Development Series. This series will mostly contain explanation of different programming concepts in very simple and understandable language that any one could understand. We’re going to start with Web Development in Bootstrap.) You might have noticed “Documentation Simplified” written in […]

Adding Facebook Like Box (Page Plugin) Below Posts in WordPress

Share and Spread Knowledge:(This article is a part of WordPress customization series. So do check it out.) The Facebook Like box is one of the plugin available with Jetpack. Many people tend to make less use of Jetpack or mostly don’t know how Jetpack can be used. Well, along with wordpress management also provide few […]

6 Music Chrome Extensions to Play Your Favorite Songs

Share and Spread Knowledge:Google Chrome is one of the great internet browser with a vast variety of plugins and extensions to choose from. We had to come up with this article. An article specifically for Music Chrome extensions. As you know our Favorite YouTube Music Streaming extension is Streamus. But, sadly this chrome extension has […]

How to Download YouTube Videos using VLC Media Player

Share and Spread Knowledge:Well, almost every one uses VLC media player. Also known as the Swiss Army Knife of Multimedia players. Considering that you can do a lot of stuff with VLC. One of the cool stuff you can do is download YouTube videos right from the Video Player. This is the best manual way […]

8 Android Apps Every Anime Lover Must Have

Share and Spread Knowledge:Animes are fun to watch as there are many Anime genre to suit with everyone’s taste. Thinking about Anime, next thing that comes to mind is Manga. Not everyone prefers to read Manga but it’s still a big part of Anime. (Duh! Basic stuff.)  Well, If you don’t know what Anime & […]

5 Lyrics Android Apps for Music Lovers

Share and Spread Knowledge:May be you’re a Singer or a Hard core Music Lover, having a look at the Lyrics is a must. There are some Fast raps and songs with half eaten words that our ears can’t get it. Lyrics gives you clear idea of what you’re listening and what you should sing. So, […]
Best Code Editor For Web Developers

Best Code Editor for Die Hard Web Developers

Share and Spread Knowledge: So, are you starting out with Web Development? or are you already half way learning it? You will be still using the code editor that your teacher or some random article on the web recommended you (like this! :P). But, did you ever think of finding which code editor would be […]