Saturday, 9 August 2014

How to get instantly notified when an App goes Free

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Appzapp is app news website where they show best apps that are on sale or have gone free. Eventually, I found that they've got a channel on IFTTT(If This Than That). [For all those who don't know about IFTTT you should head over to their site. Their homepage content can easily make you understand the concept behind the app. It was also listed as top app in April 2014.]

Well, on Appzapp's channel they've created many recipes. Recipes include new apps on sale and those that have gone free. You can have a notification for that through pushbullet or a direct android notification for instant response. Also you can get an email digest everyday at specific chosen time. And of course you can create a recipe of your own. Same goes for apple app store. So, go activate them if you really get excited when your favorite paid app goes Free.(who doesn't!)

For all those who have never used IFTTT, we've gotta walk through below.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Removing unused CSS from a Webpage using Chrome Developer Tools

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While building a website there can be some CSS selectors that are never used for a specific webpage. And, there's no freaking perfect web developer out there in the wild who can sneak them out. These unused CSS selectors cause more loading time. So, it's better to remove them from that page.

Chrome developer tools is the best feature I like in chrome. Will not say too much about it, but, it can help you find out which CSS selectors are never used on a webpage. It's damn simple as cake.

  • Open the webpage in which you wanna find out the unused CSS.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+I or got to Control grid option>Tools>Developer Tools
  • A window will pop from bottom. Choose Audits option.
  • Check the Webpage performance option and Audit on reload.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Motivation: A Chrome Extension to avoid Procrastination

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As you grow older from a kid to adult you become more conscious to productivity. Productivity, it's the only way to keep your pockets filled with some bucks. But life always gives you the choice. Wanna be productive or procrastinate. There are many websites and apps to help you out avoid procrastination and you may remember some tips to anti-procrastinate too. But, there's a very simple chrome extension called motivation that shows you the time passing by or to be precise your current age of how older you are getting.

You'll have to add your birth date first in order to make this extension motivate you. After pressing the motivate button your age will start ticking. That's really a good idea to make you aware of the time passing by. So, may be you're procrastinating on Facebook(just scrolling down deeper as if you're gonna find some treasure) and you open a new tab and boom that's your age and how fast you're getting older. So, don't waste your precious time and life. That's what this app want to tell ya. For the developers out there you can have the source code on Github.

Motivation on Chrome Web Store | via Digital Inspiration | Developer - Alex Maccaw

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

ATF's Best Sites to Learn Coding.

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Programming is fun when you know what you are doing. But that's in distant future. Learning the programming language becomes a little pain in a** if you choose wrong source,for learning (of-course). So what we can do about it? There are number of books you can refer,but it will be like hitting your head against wall thousands of time. But good news is that there are many sites on the internet that provides all types of tutorials and information which can hook you up in your programming journey.

Also read: ATF in-depth: How to learn coding.

But again, there are so many sites,which one to choose? Here are some couple of sites which I found while surfing and which " I " think are freaking awesome. Now, it can be be little confusing to find suitable choice, so I have tagged  some pro-cons along with description for you to have a perfect pick. All the sites included in this article are popular and have very large fan base. So here we go!.

A quick note : All the listed websites are completely online, no additional tool or software needed. If you don't want to go through tons of paragraph , Just look below image and you will find the pro/cons regarding that particular site.

Formget Giveaway + Review : Win Pro Account for 3 Months

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Howdy, Guys! Here I come with the first Giveaway on this blog. Never thought I would do this early. But, thanks to FormGet for giving us the chance to host this giveaway. Not wasting much of your time I'll straight get into "What's my take" on the app that has mesmerized me this month and at last it's time for you to participate in the GIVEAWAY...!!

My take on FormGet (Review)

Not everyone would be knowing about FormGet so I thought to first share my personal experience. Honestly, even I didn't know about it until Neeraj Agrawal from FormGet contacted me to host this giveaway. It's easy to setup, authentic design and the perfect desired output made me host this giveaway for you guys. So, that you too can feel the awesome experience that I had while using the app.