Thursday, 30 October 2014

Which was the First Android Rooted Device and Custom ROM?

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  • First rooted android device - HTC Dream(G1)
  • First custom ROM - JesusFreke aka. JF ROM (Wasn't the First custom ROM but was most popular after G1 was rooted.)


HTC Dream was the first commercially launched Android powered smartphone back in October 2008. Developers found exploit that gained them superuser access. It can be confirmed that HTC Dream or HTC G1 was the first rooted android device on it's Wikipedia page under the modding  section.

JF wasn't the first. I couldn't find any source stating it was the first. I went back into the past using Google search tools and set the time from October 2008 to Jan 2009. What I found is an Interview with JesusFreke developer of JF Rom. Where it's stated that it was most popular ROM after G1 was rooted. Also this XDA forum post.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

5 Android Launchers for Quick Access to your Favorite Apps

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We here at ATF like multitasking on our android devices. So, we thought to sort out some of our favorite launcher apps to you guys. Well we have mentioned here the apps that are lightweight and let's you easily access commonly used apps from anywhere in your phone. So here's the sorted list:

Z Launcher


Z launcher is a unique launcher which makes your phone work better for you! To support this statement , Z launcher indeed launches anything in one second. It can be contact,app or anything in your smartphone. The Z launcher learns all your activity throughout the day and provides you the right app at right time directly on your home screen (By yours,I mean your phone's home screen. It's good to clear things.). The more you use phone,the better it gets. Z launcher also gives this cool scribbling search feature right on the home screen. You can search apps or contact by just writing/scribbling the first letter of the name on home screen and voila! you get your results. The Z launcher is developed by Nokia and is still under construction but beta version can be found on Just click the title! (Fun Fact: The app crashes every time on my phone. Screenshots from XDA)

Saturday, 9 August 2014

How to get instantly notified when an App goes Free

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Appzapp is app news website where they show best apps that are on sale or have gone free. Eventually, I found that they've got a channel on IFTTT(If This Than That). [For all those who don't know about IFTTT you should head over to their site. Their homepage content can easily make you understand the concept behind the app. It was also listed as top app in April 2014.]

Well, on Appzapp's channel they've created many recipes. Recipes include new apps on sale and those that have gone free. You can have a notification for that through pushbullet or a direct android notification for instant response. Also you can get an email digest everyday at specific chosen time. And of course you can create a recipe of your own. Same goes for apple app store. So, go activate them if you really get excited when your favorite paid app goes Free.(who doesn't!)

For all those who have never used IFTTT, we've gotta walk through below.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Removing unused CSS from a Webpage using Chrome Developer Tools

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While building a website there can be some CSS selectors that are never used for a specific webpage. And, there's no freaking perfect web developer out there in the wild who can sneak them out. These unused CSS selectors cause more loading time. So, it's better to remove them from that page.

Chrome developer tools is the best feature I like in chrome. Will not say too much about it, but, it can help you find out which CSS selectors are never used on a webpage. It's damn simple as cake.

  • Open the webpage in which you wanna find out the unused CSS.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+I or got to Control grid option>Tools>Developer Tools
  • A window will pop from bottom. Choose Audits option.
  • Check the Webpage performance option and Audit on reload.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Motivation: A Chrome Extension to avoid Procrastination

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As you grow older from a kid to adult you become more conscious to productivity. Productivity, it's the only way to keep your pockets filled with some bucks. But life always gives you the choice. Wanna be productive or procrastinate. There are many websites and apps to help you out avoid procrastination and you may remember some tips to anti-procrastinate too. But, there's a very simple chrome extension called motivation that shows you the time passing by or to be precise your current age of how older you are getting.

You'll have to add your birth date first in order to make this extension motivate you. After pressing the motivate button your age will start ticking. That's really a good idea to make you aware of the time passing by. So, may be you're procrastinating on Facebook(just scrolling down deeper as if you're gonna find some treasure) and you open a new tab and boom that's your age and how fast you're getting older. So, don't waste your precious time and life. That's what this app want to tell ya. For the developers out there you can have the source code on Github.

Motivation on Chrome Web Store | via Digital Inspiration | Developer - Alex Maccaw