Thursday, 20 November 2014

Hiren's BootCD: Your PC's First Aid Kit

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Windows is a great operating system and it has some good default features. But like every other operating system it requires different software and tools for different purposes. Hiren's BootCD is a collection of great tools that are packed together. Hiren's BootCD is useful in every daily routine work and even in time of crisis. Hiren's BootCD contains everything from password recovery tools to portable Windows XP operating system.

The biggest advantage of using Hiren's BootCD is that it have 50+ software/tools and no installation is required to use any software , which saves precious HDD space in computer. Every new updates adds new tools to Hiren's BootCD.All tools contained in pack are full and free.

Before going to how to use the Hiren's BootCD , here is a list of the software categories included in the pack. Each category have number of different tools to solve all kinds of errors. The list of all software are not included due to it's biga** size. Full list of software can be found on official site .

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

How to Remotely control Youtube from your Smartphone

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We here at All Tech Flix are a fan of remotely controlling things. So, today I'd like to share a tiny little how to guide on controlling Youtube remotely from your smartphone (iOS and Android). Well, you may be knowing that smart TVs now a days have Youtube app pre-installed and can be easily controlled through a remote.

But, here in this case we'll remotely control Youtube running on PC or a laptop. Using the Youtube TV service which gives you the same experience on your Desktop as you would have watching it on a Smart TV. Follow the below given steps:

Monday, 17 November 2014

Top 10 List of Tech Youtube Channels you should Subscribe

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Hey guys, I've come up again with a Top 10 list. This time it's Top 10 Tech Youtube channels. Before I'd shared the Top 10 list of Tech blogs. Which you guys loved. Youtube is the second largest search  engine on the internet. The tech community out there is pretty awesome.

I follow many of the tech vloggers and they really love and help each other. One of the best examples is Austin Evan's apartment getting burned down. All of his gadgets and other tech stuff got totally burned out. The tech community including Lewis from unbox therapy, Jonthan Morrison and other youtubers in the tech community helped him out. Here's the video.

Well, these tech youtubers don't just help they also create awesome and high quality tech videos and reviews. Here's my list of Top 10 Tech Youtube channels.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Bittorrent Sync Advanced Preferences Tweaks

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Bittorrent sync is one of the best syncing utility I've been using right now to share files locally across my device. I had shared before about why should you use BitTorrent Sync instead of Dropbox? And today I'd like to share some tweaks I've done in advanced preferences of Sync in the past days. And have got FREAKING AWESOME results!!!
No, just kidding. Those tweaks just increase your syncing speed.

Note: Keeping in mind that Sync is still in "Beta". Changes may cause errors and also may affect your system.(Again kidding, they won't!). By the way, there's always a reset button. (Oww...Yea...)

Advanced Preferences in BitTorrent Sync


Monday, 10 November 2014

3 Windows Tools to Solve Common Errors like "Cannot Delete File", "Access denied"

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Every new Windows update and versions  update features of your operating system. While those features are for convenience, some of them creates problem and makes your life harder.And no,I am not talking about bugs. In this little article, I will be covering some errors you encounter while working with Windows. Some common errors would be "Cannot Delete File","Access Denied" and "Permission Denied". Getting around with these errors could be time consuming and most of all, A big pain in the a**.

Here is a collection of tools that can deal with these errors quickly. You can choose from whatever tool you like since they all can solve these problems. Even though I have recommended one. They all are easy to use, so I will not include a full guide over here on how to use it. The tools are cataloged randomly. Their order doesn't matter on their effectiveness.