Best Guitar Android Apps 2015

One of our Teenage desires has always been to learn guitar. Learning guitar is not that easy, you got to have patience. With patience comes in hours of time to spend in learning it. Which probably some of you won’t have. Also, no time for Guitar classes except in vacations. So, the last resort is learning it by yourself at your own pace. There are bunch of Android Apps that can help you learn guitar or enhance your skills if you already know the basics. Here are the Best Guitar Android Apps of 2015. (more…)

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Give Me Power Gives you Administrator Access with Just one Click

The Microsoft have upgraded the security of Windows operating systems in recent versions. Compared to Windows XP , newer versions like Win 7/8/8.1 have far more security options . But with great security comes great problems. One of them would be Administrator access. Every now on then , while browsing thorough computer , a pop-up window will come up stating “Access is denied”. Because, you do not possess enough not have administrator access. (more…)

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SpaceTime 3D


SpaceTime 3D is a website or putting it more precisely , a web-based application which customize searching on the web. Searching through Google can sometimes be a little bit annoying. Going to one website from another website while looking for a particular piece of  information takes lot of time. If you are someone who often spends time searching for different topics , you may already know how frustrating it can be. (more…)

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4 Handy Messaging Apps that can Block Spam Messages

block spam head

Spam messages are one of the annoying things you encounter frequently. While it’s not possible to stop them completely, there are number of ways to block them. We had shared before on different ways to Block SMS spam on Android. Third-party apps was one of the option that we pointed out. Below are few apps that can come in handy to block the spam messages. Note that apps are in random order, it’s not a top lists post. (more…)

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How to Make Shift, Alt and Ctrl Keys Toggle like Caps Lock

StickyKeys header

Windows operating system have a built-in feature which gives more easy access to your keyboard. Now the keyboard is a piece of hardware and don’t actually require “access” like any system tools or software. What I meant is a feature that gives more control over keyboard.

Sticky Keys is:

  • one of the feature that gives access to some keyboard functions  that keyboard can not perform physically.
  • a feature designed to help users with disability.
  • helps the user who is having difficulties holding down two or multiple keys at once.


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Blocking SMS Spam on Android

Getting spam messages are common these days , whether it is in your email inbox or in phone’s messages. Spammer keeps spam thousands of people with unwanted messages. But good thing is, blocking spam messages is as simple as getting one, at-least in smartphones. There are number of options to choose from for blocking those annoying  messages, depending on cellular service provider and smartphone. (more…)

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