10 Top Ways to Protect Your Data

Big data companies are buying our information online. The worst part is that most of us are not even aware of it. Anyone who wishes to buy data can gain access to your credit card information, your internet browsing history, GPS information and many more. You should be aware of data brokers. Data brokers access your personal information and use it for their own benefit. Data brokers are companies that collect data, which includes personal information from a variety of sources. They sell such information to their customers. You must keep your information or data to yourself as someone might find it beneficial for him/her. You can follow these tips to protect your data:

Protect your digital devices from physical threats

You must protect your information that passes through your device or devices. You can protect your data physically by following these security tips:

Backup your data

If you lose your device, you can restore your data without difficulty. There are many ways for backup, which includes online backup.

Encrypt your data

If someone steals your device, it will be impossible for him/her to exploit your data.

Parental control software

You can track your child’s social activities. Your child unintentionally can pass on your sensitive information. It would be best if you had spy apps, so, you can keep an eye on your child’s messages as well.

Tracking software

Keep a track on your device, in case if someone steals it.

Never leave your device unattended

Leaving your device unattended opens a plethora of hazards to you and your personal information.


If anyone steals your device, he/she has to fight with your password first. It is not impossible to defeat a password. However, if you protect your device using a password, it gives you some time to track your device before the stealer gets to your data.

Some other steps to ensure that your data is safe are as follows:

Anti-malware Protection

Malware is software, which gains access to a computer system. There are many different types of malware. Some of the malware types are as follows:
• A virus
• A worm
• Spyware
• A rootkit
• Ransomware
• A Trojan horse

Every malware type has different characteristics. Anti-malware protection is crucial for the security of your device. It is the foundation of securing a device.

Make Old Hard Drives Unreadable

To protect your data or personal information, you should make your old hard drive unreadable before disposing it off.

Enable Automatic Updates

Be sure that you download the latest security updates to prevent you from the ever-evolving cyber threats. It becomes a lot easier by enabling automatic updates.

Protect Your Data from Data Brokers

Data brokers collect your personal information and sell them to the highest bidder. They get this information through many online services like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, etc. As we, all are aware of the Facebook – Cambridge Analytica scandal. Here are some steps you should follow to protect yourself from Facebook:
• Downloading your Facebook data
• Many apps access your data on Facebook, delete the apps you do not use or do not want to see your information
• Change timeline settings
• Change tagging settings

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