2 Android Apps to Stream only Audio from YouTube Music Videos


YouTube itself is a big Music library. And some of you out there want it to stream music. By music I mean the audio alone. Well, YouTube doesn’t provide such functionality and also forbids anyone who might want to do it. A clear example is Streamus Chrome extension which was shut down by YouTube 2 months ago. Though you can still use Streamus by manual set up.

Streamus is for desktop but here I’d like to show apps for your android smartphone that can let you stream audio alone from YouTube videos. So, let’s get into it.


First is AudioPocket the perfect solution for streaming audio from YouTube. The best solution anybody can ever have. The app usage is pretty simple. You open YouTube -> Search for Music video or Playlist -> Share it with AudioPocket and it’s done. The app will first fetch URL, convert it to audio and will start buffering the audio.




The conversion to audio is pretty fast. You also get a floating widget to control your song. If the app fails to fetch URL you can manually paste it in the app and tap stream. You also get history to keep track of already played songs and playlists. There’s one downside to this app “ADS”. Tons of Ads. Every click on the app pops up an Ad. It’s like the developer is forcing you to buy the PRO features.

Well, the app deserves based on what it gives. PRO features include No Ads, choose audio quality and full media controls. With new features coming in like Favorites.

Background Tube

This app is not perfectly an Audio streaming app. But, what it does is it plays the YouTube video and you just have to hit the home button to keep the app running in background and video too. There’s conversion into audio. In the official YouTube app the video stops when home button is pressed. Which it has to because the home button will pause your app. But, not in case of Background tube. (It’s pretty nifty little feature that YouTube should have already).

The app is not available on Play store but you can download it from XDA-developers. Hit the heading above. The app usage is pretty simple you open the app -> Youtube loads -> Play Music video -> Press home button -> You’re done. It doesn’t even stop when screen turns off. It’s not ad-free and also no pro features to make it ad-free. Well, the ad shows up only once when you first open app. Otherwise, this App deserves a 4.5 rating.

Let us know down in the comments if you know any other app that let’s you stream audio from YouTube.

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