2017 iMac Rumors: Everything we know about the 2017 iMac line-up Refresh!

2017-imac-rumorsRecently, several tech websites got cluttered with all sorts of rumors about the alleged 2017 iMac device. With Apple being the sole revealing authority this time, after they made a pre-announcement about the updated iMac lineup, it is pretty much sure that we’ll get to see the new models in Q4.

Apple never provides any concrete information regarding the specs these devices will be going to have and when they will be releasing refresh models of the iMac devices. Several tech bloggers have come up with their theories and specs sheet that they think the 2017 iMac will be having. So without further ado, let us dig deeper in what all information we’ve got so far.

What all have been said about the new upcoming iMac



The last upgrade as per the iMac devices is concerned seen somewhere in the Q4 of 2015. Since then there are not many significant improvements seen in the line-up. According to the details that we’ve got so far from Pike’s Universum blog, the 2017 version of the iMac line-up could include Intel Xeon E3 processors.

There might be a chance that in the memory department Apple will go with the options of 16 GB to 64 GB ECC RAM. As far as the storage capacity is concerned, it might come with NVMe SSD’s that are up to 2 TB, with AMD graphics and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity.

The “Pro and Plus” orientation of the Apple’s methodology regarding its devices, it is very likely to have its own ‘Pro’ version. say 2017 iMac may contain some serious potential. With the Intel Xeon E3-1285 v6 processor, ECC RAM of 64 GB, and NVMe PCIe-based 2 TB SSD; you can assume what its ‘Pro-rated’ version will feel like.

According to the Taiwanese website, DigiTimes, Apple is suggesting to be coming up with a ‘server-grade’ model so that the high end creative professional market can be catered. Well, these were some of the rumors that we are getting since the last two weeks. Some new claims have been made by the Pike’s Universum Blog, again.

What do the latest rumors say


With the claims regarding the arrival of the new iMac line-up, that is rumored to be released sometime in October 2017, according to the blog, there are a few more specs details that have been leaked, yet again. Apart from all the specs mentioned earlier, the new iMac may come with graphics that are capable of supporting VR and Pro apps. We are getting what’s Apple is planning on next, isn’t it? Something’s cooking!

Also, there will be Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C generation 2 options available as per the connectivity goes. And there might be a chance that they will release a brand new keyboard too. The rumors also suggest that it may come with the support for 8K displays. In the software department, some minor claims suggested that the iMacs will be bundled with the new MacOS 10.13 and it’ll not be renamed after the name of a park or mountain. The Mac mini may also get a refresh this year making it physically larger in the process.

What all we’ve in the Present day iMac devices


It was last refreshed on October 13, 2015, that included Intel’s Skylake Chips and AMD graphics so that they can support 5K 27 inches Retina displays. The other variant included Broadwell chips along with the graphics required for 4K Retina display, for the 21.5-inches variant of the 2015 iMac. As per the overall design goes, there are not much improvement seen in the aesthetics any time after the year 2012.

iMac in the year 2012 came up with the ‘ultra-thin’ slim body design and a completely laminated display. They have even carried this to the future and continued with the same form factor in 2015. There are speculations that the design of the 2017 iMac will also receive some design enhancements too.



With so many rumors, it is too early to jump to conclusions as of now? Or it’s better to wait for Apple to release the iMac lineup? What do you think about the mentioned speculations and rumors? Let us know down in the comments.

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