25 Must Know Android Marshmallow Tips: What’s Under the Hood?


Let’s get into the settings and options that Android Marshmallow offers with these Tips

So by the time when I have finished writing this article , you may have already updated your Android device to latest Marshmallow version. There may be many old devices which still didn’t get the new update. Regardless, you may be wondering why the new Android version is so hyped. Here you can check out some tips about new features which Android Marshmallow have to offer. There won’t be long details about every one of them , just to keep things simple. This article may come as a late bloomer , but it’s better late than never.


The tips are separated into 7 categories :

General Tips

1. Enable Developer Option : This option is hidden to keep it away from prying eyes. Go to Setting > About Phone. Scroll down to bottom & tap on Build number. After few more taps , the Developer function will be unlocked.

2. Colorful Ambient Display : Go to the Settings > Display and baptized your eyes with monochrome notifications.

3. Free game [ Flappy Android] : Like the previous version , Marshmallow now gives you  a stunning new FREE game. Yep, you heard it right,folks. A FREE game! Go to the Settings > About Phone > Android Version. Keep tap on the android version and Marshmallow screen will pop up. Wait till the whole “Marshmallow” word appears. Tap and Hold like you holding to your life. Rejoice , now you have access to the deepest depth of your device and can play Flappy Android game.

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4. Search the settings : Quickly access your desired setting options in Settings by tapping magnifying glass in Settings menu and typing the thing you need.  Searching was never better than this.

5. Native File Explorer : First time in the history , Android Marshmallow now comes with a built-in file explorer. Just head to Settings > Storage & USB and scroll down to the bottom. Tap on Explore and you can see the files, delete them etc. Just like any third-party file explorer app.


6. Unleash the System Tuner UI : This is another hidden feature that gives access to some more options. Unleashing the power of this secretive feature requires you to embark on a quest and fulfill various tasks. First, you have to sacrifice an offer…Umm ..Enabling the Developer options. Then Swipe down near the top of the screen to open Quick settings. Press and hold the setting icon near the battery with the little cog icon. Now you can see (me) new option in Search menu.

7. Block shortcut spamming on Home-screen :  Now you can force your device to stop adding those app shortcuts on the home screen when you install new apps. Go to Play Store > Settings & uncheck the box.

8. Calendar Background : You can turn off the calendar background by going to Settings and turning slider off.

9. Google Now customization : Tap on the settings icon in the search bar. Now you are on your own, good luck soldier.

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10. Enable Battery Percentage : You are your own master, do not rely on that battery icon which can betray you at any given moment. You can enable the battery percentage in the icon by changing settings in new option available by unlocking System Tuner UI.

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11. Owner Info : Now you can customize your Lock screen by inputting any information. Go to Settings > Lock Screen > Owner Info & type to your heart’s content. Show the world that device you holding in your hands is really yours!


12. Apps are not boss : Now you can put a leash on your apps and manage all the permissions granted to apps. Just go to Settings > Apps > ” any app” & tap permissions. With this, you can toggle permissions.

13. Default App : Many devices come with some built-in third party apps pushed on you. It is not possible to remove that bloatware without rooting the device. This leads to multiple apps with same functions in the device. You can make your favorite app top dog-default app. Just go to Settings > Apps > “any app” & tap permissions. You can make any app default with this.

14. Email integration with Gmail : Now you can add multiple email addresses of various mail services directly to Gmail. Tap the Gmail icon and scroll all the way down. Tap Settings > Add Account & enter your email address of different mail service. If you have other Gmail accounts,you can add it too. There is no need to make a new account using another mail service for this feature.

15. Google : You can manage all Google services under one menu. Go to Settings > Google. You can manage various apps offered by Google under one place.

Ringtones & Volume

16. Quick Adjustment : Now you can easily change volumes for different things like media, alarm etc in one place. Instead of managing it through settings, a quicker option is given in Marshmallow. Just press either volume up/down button and you can see volume slider on the screen. There just press down arrow and you can adjust all volumes. Pretty handy right?

17. Vibration Mode : You can easily switch to the silent mode using above method.  Again press either volume up/down key and this time tap on bell icon. Your device will go into silent mode along with the special benefit of vibration mode for notifications.

Quick Settings

18. Do Not Disturb : A handy feature along with various settings. Swipe down from top of your screen to access Quick settings. Their tap on the ” Do not disturb” icon to enable this feature. You can switch between three modes in DnD mode : Total Silence , Alarm only & Priority only. You can toggle between them  depending on your requirement.

19. WiFi Selection : Gone are days where you have to go to settings to switch between different WiFi networks. Just swipe down to open Quick settings  and tap on the WiFi network name below WiFi icon to see available networks.

20. Bluetooth Selection : It is same as above. You have to tap on Bluetooth name below Bluetooth icon instead of WiFi icon.

21. Quick Settings customization : Now this feature may not be available in your Marshmallow update , but still here it is. Swipe down to open Quick settings. Under settings cog icon, you can find a new icon. Tap on the icon to open Quick settings customization window. You can edit and add new icons to quick settings according to your requirement. The power is in your hands.


22. Everything in one place : Too tired of hearing annoying notification alert every new second? Now you can try our new product along with Marshmallow update for absolutely free~. Go to Settings > App > ” any app “. Tap on the Notification  section and you can do following things:

  • To turn off App notifications.
  • To set the app as priority app which gives you notification always on top of the screen .
  • To disable peeking on the app to get rid of annoying messages.

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23. Gotta Pinch’em all : Too lazy to open notification for more info? Just pinch & you can expand the notification for more info without opening the app. But tbh , it will take few more seconds so just better tap on it. Gotta tap ’em all.


24. Guest User : Want to hide your apps from other people? Just uninstall them. No, wait, you can use this feature to give limited access to another person for your device. Just go to Settings > User & you can create Guest profile for other people.

25. Restricted Access : You can further limit access by creating a Restricted profile. Just go to Settings > Users > Restricted profile. You can hide all you por..umm private apps with this option.

Now for the sake of simplicity I have omitted info about many features. You can find them here later , so stay tuned.

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