3 Steps to make Firefox more Secure

Mozilla Firefox is one of the great browser that gives smooth browsing for it’s users along with great security. But is it enough? Are you sure about your browser security? Since there will be always trackers & intruders looking for holes in your security wall. So what can you do?

There are few things you can do to boost your browser security. While it is not possible to make a browser complete bulletproof these steps can indeed add another layers of security.

Default Settings :

Mozilla Firefox is already packed with necessary security settings. These settings are enabled in the browser by default. But it would be nice to check settings again to make sure it is enabled. Go to Tools > options from menu bar.If in any case , if menu bar isn’t enabled , you can enable it by Right clicking on top of browser.

1.Content Tab

Firefox security3

Tick “Block pop-up window”. This will prevent any unauthorized sites from opening.

2.Privacy Tab

Firefox security2

Tick the “Tell sites that I do not want to be tracked ” under the tracking. This will prevent different websites and malicious sources from tracking you. Note that this will only reduce tracking.It does not block all trackers.

Select the ” Never Remember History” under the History. The browser won’t keep your browsing history under this setting.

3.Security Tab

Firefox security tab3

Tick “Warn me when sites try to install add-ons”. Some sites may install malicious add-on in your browser which can be prevented by this option.

Also tick “Block reported attack sites” and “Block reported web forgeries”. This will block harmful websites from opening when you try to access it.

What’s ” use a Master password ” ? Continue….

Password for your passwords:

Mozilla Firefox allows you to save passwords of websites when you log-in. You can automatically log-in to websites , next time you visit it. All these username-password details are stored in one place. Anyone with an access to your computer can see it. If you get compromised, it would be easy for trackers to get all your information. But worry not,Firefox have a feature called ” Master Password”.


Firefox security saved password

Username-Password removed from image


You can see your saved passwords in Tools > Options > Security > saved passwords. Anyone can see all your saved passwords from there. By enabling ” use a Master password” , you can create password for the saved passwords list. Confusing? Basically Firefox will ask for a password when you or anyone wants to see saved passwords,every session. It also prevents most of all Third-party software from recovering them.

Add-ons for life :

One of the great benefit of using Mozilla Firefox is access to it’s thousands of add-on and extensions. Add-on are easy to install and use and gives you chance to customize your ride (browser) according to your taste. There are lot of extensions that can help with improving browser security. But here are some of the great add-ons that are perfect tools for this job.

These little steps ensures best security for browser. The last step is always update Firefox browser and it’s extensions to newest version. Leave a comment below if you have some new information you want to share with us.



  1. MY guess is that no one has a plugin for firefox that will fix this security concern

    I have well gone off Firefox after finding that the android version without any plugins is listening in to DLNA broacast messages from devices like XBoxes and Samsung Smart TVs and then making a UPNP request to the devices to recive XML data back from these devices.

    In my case this not only includes the make and model of the TV but also the serial number and its not like my simple android device can stream to the TV or play XBox games.

    I know Google pays Firefox $50m a year and they don’t do that without getting something in return as you can see if you type About:config into the URL and search for Google but I will not put up with Firefox hacking my local area network to then upload all the device data back to central server.

    Shown below is both the request and reply I captured with some of the data replaced using XXX and I also had to tweak the HTML tags in the XML so it would post.

    GET /smp_24_ hxxp/1.1
    Host: X.X.X.40:7676
    User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Android; Tablet; rv:36.0) Gecko/36.0 Firefox/36.0
    Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8
    Accept-Language: en-GB,en;q=0.5
    Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
    Connection: keep-alive

    hxxp/1.1 200 OK
    CONTENT-TYPE: text/xml; charset=”utf-8″
    Date: Thu, 01 Jan 1970 03:59:18 GMT
    connection: close
    Application-URL: hxxp://X.XX.40:80/ws/app/
    SERVER: SHP, UPnP/1.0, Samsung UPnP SDK/1.0

    [?xml version=”1.0″?][root xmlns=’urn:schemas-upnp-org:device-1-0′ xmlns:sec=’hxxp://www.sec.co.kr/dlna’ xmlns:dlna=’urn:schemas-dlna-org:device-1-0′] [specVersion] [major]1[/major] [minor]0[/minor] [/specVersion] [device] [deviceType]urn:dial-multiscreen-org:device:dialreceiver:1[/deviceType] [friendlyName][TV]Samsung50[/friendlyName] [manufacturer]Samsung Electronics[/manufacturer] [manufacturerURL]hxxp://www.samsung.com/sec[/manufacturerURL] [modelDescription]Samsung TV NS[/modelDescription] [modelName]XXX9200[/modelName] [modelNumber]1.0[/modelNumber] [modelURL]hxxp://www.samsung.com/sec[/modelURL] [serialNumber]XXXXXXXXXX[/serialNumber] [UDN]uuid:0dbXXXXXXXXXXXX[/UDN] [sec:deviceID]XXXXXXOMKVUK[/sec:deviceID] [sec:ProductCap]Resolution:1280X720,Y2013[/sec:ProductCap] [serviceList] [service] [serviceType]urn:dial-multiscreen-org:service:dial:1[/serviceType] [serviceId]urn:dial-multiscreen-org:serviceId:dial[/serviceId] [controlURL]/smp_26_[/controlURL] [eventSubURL]/smp_27_[/eventSubURL] [SCPDURL]/smp_25_[/SCPDURL] [/service] [/serviceList] [/device][/root]

    • I believe it’s a part of new “Send Video To Device” feature. There are no settings to disable it for now but there might be a in-built option to disable it in next Firefox updated version as many users raised same issue as you. Temporary solution would be revert back to older Firefox version as I couldn’t found any plugin for it.Appreciate the comment!

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