3 Ways to Create More Effective Online Forms for Business Websites

Online forms are an important tool for business websites to gather information. Typically these forms are used in a variety of ways, such as to capture leads, conduct market research, or collect feedback.

Publishing forms alone is not enough however if you want to ensure that you can collect as many responses as possible. For that, you should look at ways to create more effective online forms that are optimized to improve completion rates:

Stick to the essential information

Every time you create a business form you should try to only ask for as much information as absolutely necessary. By only gathering essential information, you will be able to create a much more simple form with fewer fields for users to fill out – and so they are more likely to complete it.

One of the best examples of this is when it comes to newsletter sign-up forms where it is often best to just ask for the name and email address. While you could ask for a lot more information, there is no need to complicate it any further than that.

Provide clear error messages

Often the default error messages for forms aren’t very clear and will leave people scratching their head wondering what they did wrong. That, in turn, will cause some to simply give up on filling out the form, which will lower its completion rate.

To avoid that you should try to ensure that all error messages clearly communicate the problem. The error text itself should be easily visible and should let users know how they can correct the issue.

Make sure it looks professional

Generally, people tend to be fairly protective of their personal information and are particular about disclosing it. That is why the appearance of your form itself does matter – and it has to look professional in order for users to trust it and be willing to provide details about themselves.

Try to ensure that your online form is clean and well-organized, and jives with the rest of your website. Incorporating the same branding elements can reinforce the fact that it is a part of your business, and can be trusted in the same way.

As you’ve probably noticed it is important that you’re able to customize and control the appearance and structure of your forms if you want them to be effective. That can be tricky if you don’t know how to code the forms yourself, but tools such as the AidaForm Online Form Builder (https://aidaform.com/) for example can help.

At the end of the day, it makes sense to take whatever steps possible to improve the completion rate of your online forms. The tips listed above are a good place to start, and should have an immediate and noticeable impact. In the long run that will help your business to capture more leads and collect more information – which could prove to be extremely invaluable if you want to improve your bottom line.

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