3 Windows Tools to Solve Common Errors like “Cannot Delete File”, “Access denied”


Every new Windows update and versions  update features of your operating system. While those features are for convenience, some of them creates problem and makes your life harder.And no,I am not talking about bugs. In this little article, I will be covering some errors you encounter while working with Windows. Some common errors would be “Cannot Delete File“,”Access Denied” and “Permission Denied“. Getting around with these errors could be time consuming and most of all, A big pain in the a**.

Here is a collection of tools that can deal with these errors quickly. You can choose from whatever tool you like since they all can solve these problems. Even though I have recommended one. They all are easy to use, so I will not include a full guide over here on how to use it. The tools are cataloged randomly. Their order doesn’t matter on their effectiveness.


This tool is useful when there is an error regarding to file accessibility. When you try deleting a file and get error like “File is used by another process”, This tool can help in unlocking the file.Just install the software and Right click on your file.You can see a new option named “Unlocker”. Now you can delete that particular file. We had already covered the software before on fixing the access denied error while deleting

Compatibility : Windows 2000, XP, Vista , 7.


It’s a great tool just like Unlocker , but easier to use.First step is always same, install the software. The tool integrates itself with Windows Right-click menu. Click on the locked file and select “What is locking this file?”, and LockHunter will find that file for you. Now you can unlock it or delete it. Pretty handy, right?

Compatibility:  Windows 2000, XP, Vista.

TakeOwnerShip Pro : (Recommended)

This tool is very useful in dealing with Permission errors in newer Windows versions. It’s working is very simple, Just install the software and open it. Now you can simple drag and drop file or folder on it or can use “Browse” button to find it from directory.Once it’s selected, click on “Take Ownership” button and wait a little bit. That will fix  permission errors you are facing. No need to waste time in to get into properties. I recommend it because it’s more easy to use and actually gets the work done.

Compatibility: Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1

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Microsoft Support:  

Last and actually least, official Windows support. The above tools will help you fix errors so you wont need it. But if you don’t want to use any external tools, you can go for the Windows Support. Chances are it will solve the errors. But again, choice is yours.


If you have any more tools for this list just mention them in the comments. Will add them in article. And please don’t spam!

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