5 Advantages Of Online Learning for Students

Like they say, education is the key to success. Unfortunately, in the past, not everyone could enroll for a course due to busy work schedules and students were required to physically attend lessons. However, today one can pursue a course without necessarily being in a classroom thanks to virtual learning. Online education has been made possible by the technological inventions of the 21st century, as all you require is an electronic device like a laptop or a tablet and a reliable internet connection.


The following is the “advantage disadvantage of distance education” compilation for you to check out:

1. Comparatively, the total cost for the course is less.

When it comes to distance learning, the overall cost is less compared to traditional learning as:

(a) The tuition cost is less;

(b) No commuting expenses, you operate from home. So, all that one requires is a computer and internet to access online resources like libraries on institution’s website but in traditional training set up. The opposite happens as you may even find yourself buying textbooks for your course.

Again, if you want to talk to your tutor, you do not have to go to their offices as you can just email or chat with them online or still call via a cell phone. Also, submitting an essay or other assignments in soft copies via emails or other electronic means is also one of the benefits of online education.

2. Flexibility

Acquiring education is the best way to empower oneself. However, juggling between work, family and learning can be quite challenging. In fact, it is the reason why many people are unable to deepen their education.

For them, attending lectures is not a viable option as it does not provide the flexibility that comes with online studying. For example, you can attend work from 9 – 5, attend to your family in the evening and still concentrate on your studies at night.

3. Students set their learning pace

Not all students are fast learners as some require more time to digest what they have been taught. Ordinarily, teachers do not have time to attend to slow learners and tend to move with the pace of the fast learners thereby leaving slow learners behind.

If a teacher has to ensure everyone in the class understands everything, then it would not be possible to cover the syllabus, but the situation is different when it comes to online education as individual students can set their learning pace. You can choose to skip topics that you have read and move to the next topic.

4. Online learning is convenient

Studying online offers convenience that you cannot get in traditional classrooms. You do not have to be in class to learn lessons as you can get all the learning materials on the school’s website. You only consult your supervisor when you encounter challenges.

Again, since most of the training materials are in soft copies, you can use electronic mobile devices like tablets, e-readers, laptops, etc to read them. Meaning you can carry your materials along with you and settle down to learn anywhere and whenever you feel like. However, though many are opting for online training due to its convenience, it can be quite challenging to those who are not well versed in computers and other digital devices.


5. There are several courses to choose from

Another advantage of distance learning is that you can study whatever course you like unlike when you are attending a traditional college where you will have to choose one from their limited options. On the other hand, online courses are not limited by geographical locations.

You can apply for your preferred course by logging in the websites of the respective institutions, irrespective of whether they are within or outside your country.

6. You can create or join virtual study groups

Since we are living at a time when online networking seems to have superseded the traditional ways, you can create a study group on the common social media platforms like Whatsapp, Google Hangout, Telegram, Facebook, Viber, etc., where you can add members to discuss or brainstorm issues related to your topic.

It is also possible to tag on Twitter specific persons you want to invite to contribute to your discussion or to share learning materials.

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