5 Best Slender Man Android Games : Can You Find Your Escape?

I used to love watching horror movies and tv series during my childhood days. But in these recent years, it is hard to find a good horror material that can make me jump on my couch. When I think about horror sources, there are only movies and games popping in my head. Other than that, all I can think of is delicious pasta, filled with creepiness. Yes, I am talking about the CreepyPasta filled with many juicy stories. CreepyPasta leads us to its one of the best character, the one riding on his long tentacles & fully equipped with his signature black suit. The one and only, the Slenderman! I wanted to see the Slenderman in action, so I looked for it in games. After browsing through tons of games, here are the 5 Amazing Slender Man Android Games that I found.

At first, I wanted to make these games part of the Free Android Horror Games. But since it was hard to pick, I decided to make a separate list. Because why not? The more the merrier.


1. Slender Man Origins (I-III)


Slender Man Origins is a great game which features an original story. The player controls a main female character whose friends have gone missing. The female lead shares the same fate as she is also dragged into the Slender Man domain. The only way to escape is to find the missing keys while avoiding the master of the domain. The closer you reach the goal, the harder the chase becomes. Can you escape or will you follow the same path as previous victims?

Slender Man Origins has two sequel games, giving us chance to experience three unique games. Each game has a different story while keeping the ultimate goal same. The graphics and artworks are breath-taking with the amazing soundtracks. The controls are smooth which enhances the gameplay experience. The game has a sanity gauge which will keep decreasing as you explore the place. The player has to find medical items along with the missing keys to keep progressing. There is also unique items scattered throughout the level to find and collect. The collected items are belongings of the previous victims. The collected items can be seen from the main menu.


There is both free and paid version available for the game. The each paid version offers four different levels while free version only has one level. The free version also has annoying advertisements, but turning off the internet will do the trick,which makes it a part of the slender man android games.

Download : Slender Man Origins 3 Free

2. Slender – Office 


Slender: Office is a free survival horror game. As you are trapped in the office, you have to find missing 8 pages throughout the level. But finding the pages is not an easy task as you are surrounded by darkness. Your only option is to trust your Handycam to navigate through the dark office. As the Slender Man chase you,the Handycam will show you the sign of your incoming doom.

Slender: Office is a small game, but it doesn’t make it any less compare to other games. The dark office environment is creepier through the lens of the Handycam. The artwork resembles the actual office environment. The game runs on the Unity engine and provides a very good framerate. The controls are a wee bit difficult and will take some time to master. The movement and camera control are at the corner bottom of the screen. The non-traditional controls may make gameplay experience annoying at the beginning.


The game is available for free to download. Yep, you know it, the game have a lot of advertisements since its free. Another downside is missing in-game menu. There is no way to go back to the main menu once you start playing the game. The missing main menu also removes the pause and quit function. The game can only be quit by hitting the home button of your android device.

Download : Slender : Office

3. Slender – The Corridors


Slender: The Corridors is a free to play survival horror multiplayer game. Yes, that’s right. The game has a multiplayer feature where you can band together with other players to escape from the Slender Man. The player has to find missing 8 pages to escape from the corridors, leaving behind the Slender Man.

The game is powered by Unity,providing stunning graphics. But it can’t be said same for the artwork. The Corridors are wide and missing the level of detailing. But leaving that aside, the controls are easy to use. The player can team up with another three players in the multiplayer lobby and can play together. There are different difficulty settings ranging from easy to hardcore. the game also supports the Russian language alongside with English. Lastly, the feature I always look for in the games, and that is Achievements. Slender: The Corridors has achievements which will be useful for leveling Google Play account.


The game contains advertisements which can be removed by simply closing the internet connection. There is also another great game named Slender: The Road developed by the same developer,which is also amazing.

Download : Slender : The Corridors 

4. Slender Rising Free 


Slender Rising is a survival horror game. As the player wakes up in the forest, all you remember is to collect signs. The player has to navigate through woods to collect as many signs as possible before the Slender Man catches you.

The environment is extraordinary with a high level of details, which is rare for a free game. The game provides four different types of control schemes to match with different player’s playstyle. The game has a two mode, one is day and another is night. The level remains the same throughout different gameplay, but the locations of signs are not definite. As you reach near a sign, the game will guide you with a red marker and creepy static noise as you get closer.


The free version only gives a single level, while paid version offers various scenarios. The paid version also gives more modes,better sound,and extra scare. The paid version costs around 2$. This is one of the recommended game for the Slender Man Android Games.

Download : Slender Rising Free

5. Slenderman Must Die Series


So are you tired from always running away from the villain? Are you tired from the lacking the means to turn tables on your pursuer? Then Slenderman Must Die is a must for you. Pick up a handgun and slaughter your way through different levels. Find the heavy weaponry hidden in the level and collect the ammo. But do not forget, you still have to collect 8 pages to escape.

Slenderman Must Die series has six different chapters. Each chapter features a different scenario with new enemies. The Slender Man is chasing you, but this time, you have weapons to resist him. The game is made by using the Unity engine which guarantees stunning graphics. The sound is there, but it’s not that attractive. The main focus of the game is an action and not the horror.


There are few drawbacks of the game. The pages location always remains the same, which removes the tension lurking in the air. The enemy AI is decent and you may sometimes find the standing Slenderman when you are on a different ground level. Last and the least, there are advertisements.

Download : Slenderman Must Die Chapter 4 [ You can download other chapters via the developer page]

So how was it? Do you like the games suggested above? Leave a comment down below about your favorite Slender Man Android Games! Or tweet us @alltechflix.

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