5 Android Launchers for Quick Access to your Favorite Apps

We here at ATF like multitasking on our android devices. So, we thought to sort out some of our favorite launcher apps to you guys. Well we have mentioned here the apps that are lightweight and let’s you easily access commonly used apps from anywhere in your phone. So here’s the sorted list:

Z Launcher


Z launcher is a unique launcher which makes your phone work better for you! To support this statement , Z launcher indeed launches anything in one second. It can be contact,app or anything in your smartphone. The Z launcher learns all your activity throughout the day and provides you the right app at right time directly on your home screen (By yours,I mean your phone’s home screen. It’s good to clear things.). The more you use phone,the better it gets. Z launcher also gives this cool scribbling search feature right on the home screen. You can search apps or contact by just writing/scribbling the first letter of the name on home screen and voila! you get your results. The Z launcher is developed by Nokia and is still under construction but beta version can be found on xda-developers.com. Just click the title! (Fun Fact: The app crashes every time on my phone. Screenshots from XDA)

Bar Launcher


Bar launcher shows up you Favorite(selected) apps in the notification drawer. Yes, you need to select here on your own. No smart technology that discovers your behavior with apps. But, that may be pretty cool for some of you out there. As it gives you freedom to keep whichever app you need on the notification drawer. It’s a great lightweight tool as it makes you able to open the app from anywhere in your phone. It’s my current launcher app.



Hangar(which I think originated from the word “hanger”) tracks your behavior and time spent with apps and shows them up in the notification drawer. The best thing I like is that it’s totally customizable. You can set on what basis you want the app shortcut be created. Which is ‘Time spent’ by default. Also stats are available under the apps section. You can also have it as widget(which I think is a complete waste. Can be checked from the app itself). You can set your own icon pack. Now that is cool! And also it’s been clearly stated that it may take “days” to track you behavior with apps and work at it’s full potential.



Dock4droid creates a dock for app shortcuts. You can place the dock anywhere you want. I prefer it to be at the bottom that’s more eye pleasing rather than vertical. Here too you get the complete customization power. But, not completely complete. You can add only 4 app shortcuts to the dock in the free version. To add as many as you want, you’ll have to buy the unlock. Which is available in the launchers tab. Nice tool to get that PC dock feel on you phone too.



Piecontrol keeps a track of number of pies you have eaten during a day. And your ability to sh*t them out :p Just kidding(Of course!). Piecontrol is great shortcut tool found free on Google Playstore.You can assign apps and tasks to piecontrol app and can access it’s shortcut menu at any screen by just touching on either left or right side of your screen(Pretty handy,right?). There is also a pro version available for a little price.

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Also tell us which apps and launcher you use to get quick access to your favorite apps.

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