5 Apps Which Will Help You Promote Your Business And Attract More Clients

Running a small business needs constant tracking and cooperation. The aim of every start-up is to boost the business. If you are a traveler or for some other reasons want to stay in touch with what-is-going-on-right-now, here are applications, which are not only helpful for promotion, but also for tracking.

1. Post Planner

Each modern entrepreneur has social promotion campaign. In the case it doesn’t have any, it may appear not profitable. Socializing is a crucial way to promote your business today. Big corporations hire a department of professional community managers and support representative who monitor any changes, comments, develop strategies and post information with an adjustable period. This applies to the most popular social networks. The hard work of social promotion brings profit to the company because the target audience is easy to find online.

The App


With Post Planner it is possible to avoid hiring the team of professionals. Most work is done by the app. It doesn’t write a strategy and doesn’t generate content, but scheduled postings can be organized due to Post Planner to get more clients in future. It also can help you to discover new content by keywords or hashtags and collect it in one place. This is a working library. Each business holder knows how important it is to stay up-to-date. Big Data is helpful for predicting the behavior of a target audience. It is another outstanding feature of the app.


The application has not only a set of important features crucial for social media promotion but also pleasant and usable design. The features offer you to organize both posted and planned content right on a screen of your device. This application is a very convenient instrument for tracking and working.

2. Trello

It is a tracking and management tool for organization of any projects. This app will tell you how to attract customers to your business by providing you with a controlling tool of everything that is going on. The convenience of the application lies in its speed and simplicity. There are no tricky algorithms. Trello is an app, which has a pin board and pins with tasks hanging on it. Each board or list can be managed and adopted. Any number of people can be invited to change the cards. For Edu Birdie, it became a solution to control all the team members. This is a team-working tool for tracking the tasks and their performance. Once a task appears in your head, you can immediately pin it on a board and assign to a certain person. After that, you can track its performance. The app is good for both office and freelance usage.

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3. Make Notes with Evernote

Most business holders download this app as a must have. Making notes with Evernote is nothing else but pure pleasure. Everything can be synchronized between different devices and offers to upload up to 60 MB of data in one month. For Plus and Premium versions, more space is available. Plus offers 1 GB and offline access to all the notes. It is also convenient to save emails with a Plus version. Premium has 10 GB and numerous other features.


The Evernote application is popular among users and is widely used for various purposes. The good news is that now it can also be used to for marketing your business. Administrative features cost 12 USD per month for every new user. Business version has plenty of specific options useful for running a business right from the mobile phone.

4. Time Management

The time management apps won’t explain how to advertise your business but will help to reach goals on time and keep the plan. Deadlines, important meetings, time scheduling procedures and other daily duties need time as the main resource. Having the right app on your mobile device will ease the daily routine only because a cell phone can send notification which can barely be ignored. Your phone is always next to you. By viewing goals and time, you can relax and forget about planning.


Clear is one of the apps that allows you to implement multitasking. It has minimum design and maximum functionality. It is user-friendly and intuitively understandable. The most time management tools are taking more time for settings, and as a result, you lose more time. It has pleasant sound and emphasis on color. The app eases business life to many people.

5. Communication

Each business holder uses Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp or Viber for communication. All these apps except Skype are created for private communication. The market is full of offers for small and large companies communication options which are more efficient and bring working atmosphere. No one wants to receive a message from mom and boss in the same app. These things should be separated.


This is a constant connection with your team right on your phone. IBM, Harvard University, Airbnb, Oracle, and many other companies use the application. This is a convenient way to get connected to your team and together and personally. Here you can switch the channels tagged with hashtags. The design looks practical and understandable. Slack managed to focus on the features needed in business communication such as secure pdf share, face-to-face feature, and convenient management. It puts a communicative basis of your business, which inevitably leads to success.

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