5 Best (Hot and Beautiful) Material Designed Android Apps

Short Description: A rundown on Best Material Designed apps that are rated based on how Hot and Beautiful they are. 

“Hotness”(according to me): Something that’s tempting and scintillating.
“Beautiful”: Something that makes you smile at the first sight.Well, I’m not going to share here my romance dictionary, but, what I’d like to share is my love for  Material Design. Those blistering looks and tempting transitions. I can’t get my mind off it. Hats off to the designers and developers of Material design.

Why did I give those definition of hotness and beautiful? Because, here I’m going to share the Material designed apps that have been judged on the basis of how hot and beautiful they are. Here’s my list of hot and beautifully material designed android apps.




AirDroid’s strong competitor Pushbullet was one of the early updaters to Material design after launch of Android Lollipop. I’ve been using from it’s beta launch and was also added as the top android app in month of April on our site.

Talking about the design they’ve made it look great. They haven’t made the green more dense but kept as it was before. Also, you can easily navigate through your devices and channels. And the Universal Copy/paste hats off.
Ratings –  Hot: 7/10  Beautiful: 9/10
Download – Play Store


I must say David Karp’s design team has done real fancy work. I mean see the UI it’s just freaking awesome. They’ve made the color more dense and feels great using it. I remember in the early days when Tumblr was launched. What made me use it was it’s design, the UI. And I won’t hesitate to say that Tumblr’s success lies in it’s design and UX.

Rating –    Hot: 9/10   Beautiful: 8/10
Download- Play Store




Flyne the offline reader fetches articles and news from Twitter and various trusted sources and presents you in clean and distinct way. You can view specific posts in form of cards or in compact a view. With ability to fetch article for offline reading , flyne is perfect example how articles should be presented on mobile in the internet browsers.

It’s clean and beautiful. Perfectly organized text and fonts that asks to be read. The article background automatically changes based on the main picture of the article, applying the most distinct color in the picture.

Rating –  Hot: 8/10  Beautiful: 10/10
Download: Play Store

Material Zooper


Zooper widgets, one of my most used widget app. Here’s a zooper style pack created by Vishal Khadekar called material zooper. There’s pure elegance in the design. The style pack is paid($1.99). Worth a try. Choose whatever color you want and you’ll surely be satisfied.

Rating –  Hot: 9/10  Beautiful: 9/10
Download: Play Store



There’s no doubt Inbox by Gmail is one of the best Material designed app in the Google ecosystem. The challenge what they had was to make the productive functionality of the app and synchronize it with the design. And they did perfectly. It’s clean, colors is pure and transitions makes the app much more awesome.

Rating –  Hot: 7/10  Beautiful: 10/10
Download: Play Store

Let us what are your favorite Material Designed Apps. Also, were these app hot and beautiful according to you? Rate them in the comments below.

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