3 “gates” like Bendgate and Chipgate that affected Technology

Bendgate and Chipgate in iPhone 6 had been a controversy in the past few weeks. Along with Staingate in Mac Book Pros. Chipgate was the recently found flaw in the iPhone 6s that included two different manufacturers for the A8 Chip. But, wasn’t a big deal for users. Bendgate turned out to get more attention as many users would keep their phone in their back pocket.

These “gates” would be something new for the present generation who had iPhone 6 as their first phone. So, what were the other gates that affected technology in the past? But, wait a second. Some would be confused of why “gate” is added as suffix. Especially those not living in United States. So, let us find out what is “Gate”?.

Why add “-gate” ?

The suffix “-gate” has been derived from the Watergate Scandal that occurred in United States during early 1970s. So, basically people in United states refer scandals by adding the suffix “-gate”. You can read more about Watergate scandal here. So, it’s more become like a trend especially in field technology to refer scandals with -gate suffix.

Yeah, that might sound dope to derive the word from “Watergate”. Seems like Media has lost the creativity in naming scandals. Now, that you know where did this “gate” come from, let us check other “gates” or scandals that occurred in field of technology.

1. Antennagate


This again occurred with Apple in the iPhone 4 back in July, 2010. Antennagate also known Gripgate – reduced the signal reception when lower left edge of the phone was touched while calling. Normally people grip around the phone so the lower left edge did come in contact. At first Apple addressed the issue by advising users not to grip around their phone while calling. But, that wasn’t the solution. Users got annoyed and planned to sue Apple and AT&T on basic of fraud, negligence, false presentation and defective design.

Later on Apple issued settlement statement for Antennagate stating that they had found the problem that displayed less bars. The calculation for signal strength was wrong and released a patch for it in a software update. Consumer reports also stated that “bug wasn’t unique and can also be found in other smartphones”.

2. Gamergate

Gamergate was more of an online movement concerned with ethics in game journalism and protecting the gamer indentity. It all started when a boyfriend of game developer Zoe Quinn wrote a blog post about her saying that she got involved in a relationship with a game journalist to just get positive coverage of her game. The movement was just not just centralized to her it was about solving issues of sexism and progressivism in gaming culture. Read this explainer.

3. Donglegate


This incident occurred of nowhere. Back in March 2013, at Pycon technology conference. A photographer named Adria Richards heard two guys talking on comparison between “dongle” and “dong” and took a picture of them and posted a shaming tweet about them. The two guys were software developers and one of the software developer’s employer terminated his employment for such sexist talk. This thing got so viral that some internet users made DDoS attack on the employer “SendGrid” and asked to fire Richards if they want the attack to stop. Sendgrid fired Richards. Though the software developer doesn’t blame Richards for anything he admits that he shouldn’t have talked about such things.

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Now, let us know down in the comments if you were a part of any of these online movements and what do you think about them?

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