5 Things You Need to Create A Man Cave Full of Nostalgia and Futuristic Fun

Which man out there doesn’t dream of having his very own man cave? A place where he can retreat when the stresses of the day get too much and where he can relax, unwind and enjoy his own manly pursuits? Whether you’re interested in sports, gaming or old-fashioned fun, there are lots of things which you would probably like to include in your perfect man cave to create the perfect blend of futuristic and nostalgic fun to keep you entertained for many years to come.

1. A Gaming Console

Let’s start with the absolute basics – at least one gaming console is an absolute must for any man cave. Preferably with a lot of accessories and attachments. Everything from a connected gaming chair, haptic feedback controllers and steering wheels for your favorite driving games will take your gaming experience to a new futuristic level. You should also definitely consider investing in a VR headset so you can really inhabit that virtual world and get away from your family calling you upstairs!

2. An Enormous TV

Whether for gaming, for watching your favorite Netflix series or for watching the game with your friends, an enormous flat screen TV is an essential for any self-respecting guy’s man cave. Get a smart TV so you don’t need to worry about connecting to your PC or any other boxes to get all your top series downloaded and streamed right to your screen.

3. Arcade Classics

Let’s go back in time and help you reminisce about the good old days when you would play Pacman in the video arcade with your friends! Now, you can enjoy all the fun of those bygone times with an arcade machine in your very own man cave. You can now find genuine vintage arcade machines for sale online, so if you were a Space Invaders fan, you can get your hands on all the old favorites. They don’t come cheap but they’re well worth the investment.

4. Classic Games


No man cave would be complete without a couple of table games. The obvious one is the pool. How else can you practice your trick shots and impress your friends the next time you play? Even if you can’t fit a full-size pool table in your space, you can still invest in a smaller model and get in some valuable practice time. A dart board is also a great choice for your man cave. It’s also a space-saving way to have fun since you can simply hang it behind the door and use it whenever you feel like it. Pinball is another fun way to pass the time and adds a little nostalgic fun to your gameplay. If you have a large enough room, you should also definitely consider investing in a ping pong table. Of course, it’s a lot more fun to play with one or two friends, but you can even practice your table tennis technique on your own if you buy a ping pong machine which will feed the balls to you. You can learn more from this link.

5. A Home Bar

If you’re equipping your man cave, why not go back to the 70s and set up your own home wet bar. Complete with the counter, optics, and a fridge, you’ll be able to pour yourself and your friends a drink whenever you want one! There are lots of mini fridges out there which are ideal if you don’t have enough room to fit a full-size fridge into your man cave. You’ll find it incredibly convenient to not have to go upstairs to the kitchen, especially if you’re in the middle of a game, or are worried you might miss an important moment in the Superbowl!

These are just some of the fun items which you should definitely consider investing in for your home man cave. Whether you’re longing for some old school nostalgic fun or whether you prefer your entertainment a little more high-tech, there’s sure to be something suggested on this list that gets you excited about equipping your man cave.
Enjoy your wonderful new man space in the comfort of your own home, and enjoy the past or the future!

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