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Chrome alternatives

Google Chrome is preferred by the vast amount of people all over the globe for internet browsing, from mobile devices to computers. But let’s be honest, Chrome on computers is not always memory-friendly. The browser hogs most of the computer memory making the computer sluggish over time. There is a lot of tweaks and settings to make Chrome run faster which can make chrome memory-efficient. But it can be a hectic task for many users since not everyone is good at computer tech. So what are the options? The answer is to try out some of the Chrome Alternatives.

There are other browsers like Firefox which can compete the chrome shoulder to shoulder. But what you like is chrome, then here are some good chrome alternatives which you can try out. These alternatives are similar to chrome and loaded with the core chrome features to guarantee a chrome-like experience. You can also think of them as chrome’s different version designed especially for various tasks.

The chrome alternatives mentioned below are all based on Chromium, same as Chrome. The other alternative browsers are excluded from the list since they are different than chrome and would not provide the same experience as chrome.


Chrome alternatives_1

Vivaldi is a newcomer in browsers as it’s still under development. Vivaldi boasts a wide variety of features and options. Almost everything is customizable in Vivaldi, like the appearance & various settings. Vivaldi offers stackable tabs, built-in email client,different layouts,notes,new tab customization and much more. The extensions can be downloaded from chrome Webstore as Vivaldi supports all chrome extensions. As mentioned earlier,the  browser is still developing, which means the browser will get more and more features as time goes on.

Vivaldi is designed for heavy internet users. It may take some time getting used to with new features. You can skim through some of the Vivaldi features to save some time. Vivaldi is based on chromium , so the experience will be same as chrome.

Download: Vivaldi Browser

2.CoolNovo :

Chrome alternatives_2

CoolNovo can be described as chrome with various built-in extensions. Formerly known as ChromePlus, the browser gives new user interface and functions over chrome. The new user interface replaces the simple chrome UI, with a wee-bit different interface. There is a sidebar in the new user interface to manage bookmarks. CoolNovo gives extra attention to the tabs and has multiple options and settings for tab customization. There are many other functions offered by CoolNovo which is missing in chrome , as default. The missing functions are only available via extensions.

The browser has integrated download managers. So if you like to download lots of stuff from the  web,then this browser may be just the perfect fit for you.

Download: CoolNovo from Softonic.com

3.SRWare Iron :

Chrome alternatives3

SRWare Iron is another browser which is same as chrome except many functions are removed making it little bit light-weighted. The removed functions do not make SRWare Iron a degraded version of chrome. The browser is more focused on privacy on the web and some of the functions are removed just for that. The source code is heavily modified to ensure the privacy. The chrome does have the option to manually change the settings to get same privacy as SRWare Iron,but it is not useful when the user doesn’t know what settings are best for it. The SRWare Iron is focused on privacy as default,which saves the trouble of messing around with settings.

SRWare does not support auto-update of the browser. The user has to manually update it through the official website of SRWare Iron.

Download: SRWare Iron Browser

4.Comodo Dragon :

Chrome alternatives_4

Comodo Dragon is the best browser among chrome alternatives for the security. The browser is developed by Comodo Group which is focused on web security. The browser is equipped with tons of options to defend against online malware and viruses. The browser routes all the traffic from the user through Comodo’s secure DNS servers if the user allows it. But it may also lead to slower loading of web pages. There is also a site inspector which can scan any site for potential risks with just one-click of a button.

The browser also has an incognito mode and many more functions for solid security. Comodo dragon supports auto-update to keep the browser secure.

Download: Comodo Dragon

5.Torch Browser :


Torch browser is heavily oriented towards multimedia purposes. The browser comes with built-in functions to give best multimedia experience along with all other chrome features. The user interface of the browser is unique where you can simple drag and drop any files like image,text etc to different social media like facebook. The browser also has a torrent downloader to download files via torrent while browsing the internet.

There is also built-in audio & video grabber to download any media from the sites with one click. The videos can also be watched directly via built-in video player while downloading the video. Torch browser offers many more features for multimedia savvies.

Download: Torch Browser 

6.Chromium :

Chrome alternatives_6

Last but not the least-Chromium. The chrome is built using the open source code of Chromium. Chromium browser gives the same experience as chrome, but without any advanced options. Chromium is suitable for the users,which are not concerned about additional options and tools. Chromium is lighter than chrome and does not eat up all the memory of a computer. Which gives you freedom to try out different extensions.

Chromium browser is missing an auto-updater.The newer version can be downloaded manually from the official website.

Download: Chromium

So which browser you found suitable as your chrome alternatives? Take a moment to leave the comment below!

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