6 Proxy Sites to Make you Completely Anonymous

There are various options you can choose from to hide your IP address.Why anyone would like to hide his or her IP address? For complete anonymity while using internet.When connecting to the internet, computer (network router) is assigned a public IP address. Every time you visit any websites or servers , the ip address is recorded to those servers, leaving a trail to your internet activity. There is a chance where an intruder can use it for any malicious intent, portraying you as a culprit. Hiding your IP address can prevent such tragedy and Proxy sites can do that for you.

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to hide an IP address of any computer system. There are proxy servers , VPN software (Virtual Private Network) and some tweaks for computer to hide the ip address. But it is not possible to install VPN software or perform any tweaks on  public computers. That’s when proxy servers comes to your rescue. Proxy servers are easy to use and only requires Internet connection. But note that using any method for hiding ip address will lower the bandwidth/speed of internet connection, since all the traffic are redirected through servers.

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You can Google for proxy sites, but you may find that not all of them are trustworthy. To save your time, here is a collection of proxy sites that are existed from dinosaur era. OK, not from dinosaur era but the point is they are old sites dominating in this business.

Best Proxy Sites:

#1 Hide My A**

proxy site 1

Website existing since : 2005

#2 The Cloak


Website existing since : 1999

#3 Vtunnel


Website existing since : 2005

#4 Anonymous 


Website existing since : 2004

#5 Proxy.org


Website existing since : 2004

#6 Proxify


Website existing since : 2004

Final Note: Alternative to Proxy Sites

If you use these proxy site more casually than it’s good enough. But, if you tend to use it more frequently than you should switch to DNS or VPN service. We’ve reviewed a service called UnoTelly. May be you’d like to have a look. Also Hide my A** also provides VPN service. And it’s the best I’ve come across. There review is really good. Worth a shot. In the next post we’ll list some of the best DNS and VPN services.

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