The 6 Best Sleep Tracking Apps for Android

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A Good night sleep can bring you a refreshing day while a bad night sleep will make your day more hectic. As an average person sleeps around 7 hours at night, your next day will be affected depending on the number of hours you sleep. But not everyone can take proper rest every night. Be it work stress, family problems or unhealthy lifestyle, they will affect your sleep time to time. To prevent such bad sleep, you can track your sleep to find out the triggers leading you to bad sleep. Although, there are a number of ways to track your sleep, but not all of them are free. The sleep tracking gadgets available in the market can cost you a lot. But instead, you can try some of the free sleep tracking apps directly on your android device.

Although the following sleep tracking apps can monitor minute details, they are not perfect. So if you are experiencing a severe lack of sleep every night, it would be better to visit your doctor.

Sleep Cycle:

sleep tracking apps sleep cycle

It works on the same principle as the sleep tracking gadgets. The app will analyze your sleep overnight with the help of the sensors attached to the phone. It will also wake you up at the best possible times. You do get to set a time frame in which you would like to be woken up. The app decides the precise time for the act. It fetches data from the phone’s microphone and accelerometer to get the desired data. The app will be analyzing your sleep and will be giving you some interesting reports about your sleeping patterns, and sleeping quality charts.

There are two versions of this app. In the free version, you get basic features wake-up phase, managing sounds, and vibrations. With the premium version of the app, you will have an option to get your data on the cloud so that you never lose it along with the other features like Wake up Mood, Sleep notes etc. The premium version also comes packed with another amazing feature. This sleep tracking app will be giving you daily tips about various habits. It also includes the info about the food which can affect your sleeping patterns and habits.

Download: Sleep Cycle at Play Store


sleep tracking apps sleepbot

SleepBot is one of a free sleep tracking apps which comes for both Android and iOS. The main idea behind the app’s working is that it tracks your sleep and wakes you up at a perfect time. Such that the amount of rest you get from the sleep session is adequate for your body. Not all of us can get the minimum amount of required sleep, while on the other side some people get too much of sleep.

The smart alarming system on SleepBot will allow you to set a time span in which you would like to be woken up. But the exact moment will be decided by the app after analyzing other factors like the amount of sleep you have received. There are plenty more other features as well, which tracks the whole sleeping pattern of your body. And on basis of that data, it will be giving you some tips, so as to how you can improve your sleeping health.

Download: SleepBot

Sleep Time:

sleep tracking apps sleeptime

This is yet another sleep tracker app which will be monitoring your sleep all night long. It will also be the one pulling you out of your deep sleep which will be helping you in waking up easier. It will also let you set an alarm and will help you to get up as it brings you out of your sleep gently. One good feature of this app is that you can add a note about every night’s sleep. For an example, under the influence of caffeine, alcohol etc. You can then see that how it affects your sleep as compared to the other normal days. This one feature is quite good for giving you insights about the external factors like these which influences your sleep.

The app will also help you sleep better and fast as it has some natural soundtracks which it can play for you as kind of lullaby.They are composed to induce sleep quite quickly. The premium version of this app will let you get your hands on more detailed reports compared to the free version.

Download: SleepTime

Sleep Better:

sleep tracking apps sleep better

This app is developed by Runtastic. Which many of you might know, they are a popular developer for health related apps. Their sleep tracking app is no joke. The app will be monitoring your sleep and will bring you out from the deep sleep systematically before the alarm goes off. So it won’t be hard for you to get up immediately as the alarm time comes. The free version has some really cool features and can help you to export your data to other fitness tracking apps as well. All in all, it is pretty good sleep tracking app and will help you to sleep better at night. It will track the insights for you and present them to you in a quite beautiful manner next day.

Download: Sleep Better

Good Morning by Apalon:

sleep tracking app good morning

Good Morning is a sleep tracker app which tracks your sleep using the sensors. It will also help you in waking up at optimal times. The reports presented by this app are to the point and relatively easier to understand as compared to other sleep tracking apps. The features of this app are though quite basic when it comes to sleep tracking but are quite reliable and precise. The “Placement Test” feature will be helping you to test whether the phone is placed at a decent location from where it can effectively able to pull data.

So accordingly to the sleep tracker app, you can adjust the phone and not wake up in the morning realizing the app did not pull any data from the last night. It can be quite disappointing since the free version contains the advertisements. But there are no ads in the premium version.

Download: Good Morning

Sleep As Android:

sleep tracking app sleep as android

Sleep as Android is another great sleep tracking app for your Android. It can either work on the phone’s sensors and can also pull data from any wearables that you own. The smart algorithm will wake you up at the best possible time in the morning. Resulting in you getting the best optimum amount of sleep. It is functional with almost all of the popular wearable devices like Galaxy Gear, Pebble. It is also supported on devices running on Android Wear like the Moto 360.

You can also sync your data with the Google Fit which is also another amazing feature to have. It allows you to get your data from one device to another quite easily, thanks to the Google integration across different platforms. Another great feature of this app is that it has a Captcha Wake Up Alarming System, so it ensures that the alarm doesn’t go off until and unless you are fully alert and active. It can also record your sleep talks and notify you about them. All in all, it is pretty good sleep tracking app, that you should be definitely trying out.

Download: Sleep As Android.

So these are our picks for best sleep tracking apps for the android device. If you like a particular sleep tracker, you can support the developers and try out the premium version. Now you can say goodbye to bad night sleep!

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