7 Tested Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Social Media Audience

The rate at which thing are moving online is so fast that every individual and website owner needs to be alert for any changes that might impact their activities on the internet. Today, you can easily track URL with the level at which technology has allowed integration between websites and search engines.

So much has taken over the internet space and people have not been left behind either. For the fact that there is a lot of competition to fit in the overpopulated internet space and still be relevant, it can cause anxiety to worry about how to grow your presence.


Luckily, this article got you covered. Here are 7 tips and tricks you can use to grow your social media audience:

Comment and interact with other people’s posts

Social media visibility goes far beyond generating great content. To attract a significant attention, you need to be likable in the way you treat people and interact with their content.
Like how you would want people to comment, like and share your content, so would they. Strategically comment on people’s posts, giving an opinion representative of your brand. You do not have to always are with what people are sharing.

As a brand, choose a couple of other brands that interest you and are relevant to yours. These are the brands that can boost your visibility if you comment and interact with their content.

Create amazing content

The value you give to people will ultimately bring you to value back in terms of following. Individuals easily gather massive following from posting interesting and engaging content.
When generating content, ensure it responds to the need for entertainment, information or persuasion. Structure your messages to embrace humor, knowledge, and understanding of the industry you are in.

Be versatile so you add a personal touch to your messages that your audience can easily relate to. Develop different types of content to accommodate for more than just text, including images, videos, and info-graphs.

Tip: consistently generate quality content to keep people coming back.

Treat the different social media platforms differently

While developing your social media strategy, be aware that different social media platforms operate differently. Facebook, for instance, can be convenient for you to share your content in the morning hours when people are heading to work or evening hours when they are heading home from work, but not so much for Twitter.
In fact, statistics show that a lot of engagement on Twitter happens late at night, which means you can get a lot of attention for your posts at these hours. Also, while some platforms call for sharing long posts, platforms like Instagram work well with images while Twitter short posts.
Understand the way each platform works and adjust accordingly to suitably fit well.

Pay to play; social media ads

Sometimes you are needed to get to your pocket to get the kind of attention you require. Social media platforms allow for promotional ads which are not dramatically expensive. Be strategic with the content you promote depending on the kind of image you want your brand to be identified with.
Promoting your content gets you a higher audience reach but it is your content that will get you the traffic and conversion you need

Link your platforms

A great way to consolidate all your followers is to link your platforms so that your Facebook audience, for instance, know how to find you on Twitter and Instagram.
If you have a website, ensure you also link your platforms by even including social media icons on your site. Embed fascinating tweets and other post activities on the content on your website in support of audience-generated content as well.

Be on a select of platforms

It is important that you select a couple of platforms that work for you. You do not have to be everywhere because this can generate a lot of pressure to share content and do everything right that you fail at it.

Focus on bettering your visibility on a few channels before you can consider adding more to the list. Be on the platforms most likely to have the kind of target audience you want for your brand.

Boost the audience engagement

Social media is all about social engagement. This makes audience engagement an essential part of gaining a huge following. Identify different techniques to provoke audience interactions including setting up giveaways and competitions online.

Structure your content with questions that will lure audiences into responding. Create forms like voting polls for statistics collections.

Ideally, you can opt to join forums and communities with which lies your interest as a brand and engage with the audience. Explore different topic areas that are good conversation starters for your audience, those that evoke people’s emotions.

Overall, gaining organic traffic on social media demands for consistent effort deliberately channeled towards that goal, but not overnight. With these tried and tested tips, grow your social media gradually as you build long-term relationships.

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