7 Tips to Rule Google Maps from Minneapolis SEO Experts

With the recent introduction of the “3-pack model” by Google, new businesses need all the help they can get to attract new clients, generate revenue, establish themselves, and ultimately compete effectively with some of the existing businesses. And being found Google Maps is one of the most important elements of driving traffic to any business.

For inspiration, SEO in Minneapolis Premier SEO Ninjas and other SEO agencies always recommend the following tips for any business that wishes to rule the Google Maps:

Accurate use of Google My Business (GMB)

If you want to be discovered easily by your potential clients, target 3 important local business modules: Google maps, Google+, and Google Search. Whatever business information you ad in the GMB, it will reflect on the above Google modules and it will eventually bring genuine traffic to your business.

Consistent NAP

Strive to match the Name, Address, and Phone Number (or NAP) and your business website with what’s indicated on the GMB. Any deviation in the NAP might create confusion among your potential customers and it can work against you.

Create lots of location-specific content

Ensure that you have plenty of content that consistently mentions the location you are targeting. If you operate a restaurant, for instance, you can create location-specific content with third-party ordering platforms or online menus.

Embed Google Map on your website

If you really want to leverage Google Maps for local SEO, you shouldn’t miss this. Besides including contact information, you need to add or embed an actual map. This will make it easier for your potential leads to discovering your physical location.

Optimize with Reviews

Over 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews and you should always encourage your customers to leave reviews for your business. Google tends to prioritize pages that have more reviews on local results than those without. Potential clients looking for personalized information will always look at what your past clients are saying about your business before making a purchase decision.

Have distinct web pages for every business location

If you have multiple branches or office locations, you should optimize each location by creating a unique web page for each location. If you are in Minneapolis and its neighborhoods, ask local seo agencies and reputable web developers to carry out this task for you. Ensure that you have unique content in each website otherwise Google is likely to penalize you.

Use Citations Correctly

Get citations in local and global directories to drive organic traffic to your website. If you’ve never given it a thought, you should because citations can help you build credibility and authority of your business’ website, and eventually drive valuable traffic to your website. You only need to ensure that the citations are of good quality and are consistent across all directories. Additionally, focus on local domains that can provide positive mentions of your business. It will create a huge difference.


It is critical for new businesses to get on Google Maps quickly. Hopefully, the above Google Map tips will help you build an online presence, boost your Google listings, and outperform some of the more established businesses in your industry.

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