7 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks that Actually Work


WhatsApp has 900 million monthly active users. It’s loved because of its simplicity and minimalistic design. But, now users want more. WhatsApp will have to add more features if it wants this user base to grow more and more. So, let the team work to make the app better. Until then from our side we can apply some tricks to make WhatsApp do what we want. So, here’s list of WhatsApp Tips and Tricks that you can apply right now.

Note: All these WhatsApp tips and tricks are tested and works well. These tips and tricks are specifically for Android users. Some tricks might need you to have root access in your android phone.

1. Tip – Use Google now to send Message via WhatsApp

send whatsapp message using google now

WhatsApp Tip- Just say “Send a WhatsApp message to”

You can quickly send a message using Google Now but just saying “Send WhatsApp message to“. After saying s it will ask your permission to access your contacts so that you can select the contact you want to send the message. You can even directly say the contact name.  New screen will show up. Add your contact and the message. Hit send.

And even you can say the message by tapping again on the microphone icon. This works mostly for all popular text messaging app. You just have say other Application’s name instead of WhatsApp. This tip can be really useful when you have no time to type.

2. Tip – Star Favourite Message to Read it Later


This feature is still in beta stage. You’ll have to download the beta app in order to use. Download it from here. The feature works fine.  (This feature is now available in stable version on Play store.) You have to long tap on a specific message or you can even select multiple messages and hit the star button on the top. You can check all your starred messages together. You can access it from the menu option by going to the home screen of the app. Its a great feature to read later some really long messages or may be you want to save them forever.

3. Trick – Changing Profile Picture of other User


This WhatsApp trick can be used to pranks your friends. Saying – “Your Account got compromised.” or to just make fun. In order to do so first find a funny picture and crop it to 640 x 640 pixels and save as .jpeg image. It’s the default size of profile picture. Next go to sdcard -> whatsApp -> Profile Picture and find your friend’s picture. It will be saved as his/her phone number. Now delete this original picture and copy the funny picture to profile pictures folder. Don’t forget to rename the picture with his/her phone number. It should be exactly same.

Now, one thing to note that funny picture will be shown only on your device. It won’t affect your friend’s device. And will only show up when you open profile picture in full view.

4. Tip – Backup Chats using Google Drive


In the latest stable release update you can now backup whole of your WhatsApp to Google drive. Before you could only do it locally on your phone. Go to Menu -> Settings -> Chats and Calls -> Back up. You can set the frequency of how frequently you want to backup. Also, local back up is automatically done.

5. WhatsApp Trick – Stop image and videos from appearing in your Gallery


Among all these WhatsApp tricks this might be most useful if you’ve got content some secret content. This trick works for both images and videos. First, you’ll need a feature rich file manager like ES File Explorer. Your default file manager might not support features this trick needs. Now, go to WhatsApp Images folder and create a new file and save it as .nomedia. After doing so you’ll get a toast at the bottom saying “.nomed” is created. Now go to your gallery app and see if it works. If the folder is still visible than wipe the gallery cache by going to settings > applications > gallery > clear cache. 

To make the folder visible again just delete the .nomedia file. It might be hidden so make sure you turn on the setting to show hidden files.

6.  Trick – Text Yourself


This WhatsApp trick can be very useful in case you want to check out some new feature or something related to notification. There can be many reasons. It very simple to apply. You just have to save your own WhatsApp number in your contacts and text yourself through that contact. You won’t find yourself in WhatsApp’s contact list. You need to check the connections in your contacts app and select to text from there. After doing so you can add yourself to your contact list.

7. Trick – WhatsApp Chat Heads


Well, you can also get Facebook style chat heads for WhatsApp if you’ve got root access. Here’s an app called Seebye Chat Heads specifically developed for WhatsApp. Well, as said before root is needed otherwise it won’t work. Here’s the XDA-Developer’s thread of the app. You can download it from there. It has all function that Facebook chat heads have. A Quick tutorial is available in the app itself.

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These WhatsApp Tips and Tricks will be updated with new ones as we find them. Make sure you bookmark this page or follow us social media.

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