8 Best Free Keyloggers for PC

Keyloggers are among the most commonly used software tools for the Windows operating system.

If you are in search for the best free keyloggers for PC, then today we are here with a list of the top 8 best free keyloggers for PC that are currently available in 2019.

What is a Keylogger?

Keyloggers are also known as Keystroke Loggers. They are software programs that record all the keyboard strokes that are performed on a computer.

Even though keyloggers are also available in the form of hardware devices, software keyloggers are the popular out of both.

Keyloggers are completely legal to use and several companies use such softwares to ensure that employees get work done instead of wasting working hours.

Best Free Keyloggers for PC

1. Free Keylogger

If you are in search of the best free keylogger for PC, then this is the first option you should look into.

Free Keylogger is a software developed and published by IwantSoft.com. The software is a stealthy keylogger tool for Windows wherein you can easily record all the strokes of the keyboard regardless of where the user is typing.

The Free Keylogger tool for Windows can easily track keyboard strokes in messaging applications, web browsers, softwares, and anywhere else. Even input entered within password fields can also be accurately recorded using this software.

Download : Free Keylogger for Windows

2. Simple Python Keylogger

As the name suggests, the Simple Python Keylogger software is written purely using Python programming language. The benefit of using Python for coding is that it takes up very less storage space and system resources.

The Simple Python Keylogger is designed basically to work as a backup tool so that the recent keystrokes aren’t permanently erased in case of an emergency. However, the software also works efficiently as a stealthy keylogger as well.

Download: Simple Python Keylogger

3. DanuSoft Free Keylogger

This is a simple and user-friendly keylogger that is completely free to download and use. The application allows users to set a hide and show phrase, which when entered will show or hide the keylogger window respectively.

Even though the DanuSoft Free Keylogger is very basic in terms of features, it does offer the ability to autostart the application each time the system starts up.

Download: Danusoft Free Keylogger

4. KidLogger

Kidlogger is a complete suite that allow parents to monitor their kids online activities on personal devices.

Apart from offering high accuracy keystroke recording, Kidlogger can also record data from USB drives, files, folders, microphone and so on. The software can also automatically capture screenshots of websites and services used on the system.

If you wish to give your minors with personal devices but want to make sure of their privacy and safety, then Kidlogger is a must-have service.

Download: Kidlogger

5. Spyrix Keylogger

Spyrix Keylogger is also among the most recommended keylogger tools for PC. This software features a clean and easy-to-navigate user interface along with some really functional set of features.

Among the notable features includes the ability to monitor the keylogger data remotely using a secure web account, capture screenshots, monitor app activity on the system, and more.

Download: Spyrix Keylogger

6. Actual Keylogger

Actual Keylogger is yet another famous free keylogger for PC out there. Just like many other keyloggers that are mentioned in this list, Actual Keylogger also provides users with additional features than just recording key strokes.

Using the Actual Keylogger tool, users can take screenshots on the target system even when the system is idle and even record data regarding any attached printers such as the quantity of pages printed on the printer.

Users can also send reports from the Actual Keylogger tool via email or to any other devices that are connected to the same LAN network as the target device.

Download: Actual Keylogger

7. Revealer Keylogger

The Revealer Keylogger is another top-rated keyloggers for PC in 2019. This software can log keystrokes anywhere no matter whether they are entered in the password field or text field.

Additional security features are provided such as the ability to set a password for the Revealer Keylogger software so that the keystrokes are not accessed by any unauthorized personnel. The Revealer Keylogger does not appear within the Add/Remove section, which means that the software cannot be easily identified or uninstalled from the system.
The software is also very friendly when it comes to using system resources thus allowing you to perform regular tasks on your computer easily.

Download: Revealer Keylogger

8. Best Free Keylogger

Last but not the least is the “Best Free Keylogger”. As the name suggests, the best free keylogger is a feature-rich key stroke monitoring software. Apart from keylogging, the Best Free Keylogger software can monitor and track internet activity, clipboard data, capture screenshots and more.

Users can also set the software to work in invisible mode, schedule monitoring activities, auto-uninstall, and automatically clear the log files of the software.

Download: Best Free Keylogger

Final Words

The above-mentioned tools are the best free keyloggers for PC that you can download and use on any of your Windows OS systems in 2019.

Hope you found the list helpful and if you are currently using some other keylogger tools for Windows that you feel should be listed in the above list, then do leave a comment below.

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