8 Different Ways That You Can Utilize A VPN Service

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is one of the best ways to ensure that your connection to the internet is kept private, safe and secure. A VPN will route your data through a remote server that’s equipped with the latest encryption technology so that your IP address is masked and kept away from anyone who is trying to identify you or hack into your transmissions.

If you aren’t currently using a VPN, you may be wondering why it’s a good idea. In actuality, there are many different ways that you can utilize a VPN service i.e. Surfshark. It allows you to avoid government censorship, bypass any ISP restrictions, safely connect to Wi-Fi and browse anonymously, just to name a few.

Unblock Geo Restricted Content

If you are traveling abroad and want to enjoy using a website like Hulu, Netflix or your favorite social media site, the country that you are currently in may have restrictions that are based on censorship or copyright laws. This type of content may not be available, which makes it impossible for you to freely use the internet and access information.

You might be surprised how many countries are heavily restricting and censoring information on the internet. It’s highly likely that you will not be able to access your Facebook feed, Twitter account or an online streaming service that would usually be available in your home country.

You can overcome this censorship by using a VPN that has a server located in a country where this type of content isn’t being censored. By utilizing this type of service, it makes you appear like you are located in that country too — you have virtually changed your location.

Now you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite TV show or series. You can choose a server that is located in your country of origin and access the content and services that you need.

Safely Connect To Wi-Fi

Have you ever heard warnings about not using free Wi-Fi at a public hotspot? Those warnings come for a good reason. Wi-Fi is never as secure as using a hardwired connection. Unfortunately, you don’t have that luxury when you want to use public Wi-Fi at a local coffee shop or when you are at an airport, train station or a hotel in a foreign country.

By using public Wi-Fi, you risk the possibility of having someone eavesdrop on your data or worse.

If you choose to use public Wi-Fi to connect to the internet, hackers can see every move that you make. Public Wi-Fi networks don’t offer much in the way of security or protection. In most cases, even a junior hacker would be able to gain access to your information, which exploits your privacy and security.

Imagine if you are checking your work or personal email, shopping online or accessing your bank account. The risk is high that someone else can intercept your passwords and see exactly what you’re doing. A VPN will eliminate that threat by encrypting your data. It gives you a safe and secure way to use any Wi-Fi connection.

Access Your Home Network While You Are Away

If you are traveling for pleasure or work, you don’t have access to files or other information that may be on your home computer. By using the power of a VPN, you can access your own home network and use a computer that is sitting in your office just like you would if you were at home.

This gives you the ability to use files on your home computer and even play games over the web if you’d like. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your home office with you wherever you go and not worry about privacy and security?

Using P2P Sites

P2P sites are beneficial for many reasons such as distributing or watching public domain videos, downloading open-source software or simply taking large amounts of data and sharing it across the network.

However, if you ever need to access a P2P site and accomplish any of these tasks, you may be out of luck due to your local ISP. In some areas, internet providers frown on the use of P2P sites and will make it difficult for you to access them, or they will spy on your activity.

In addition, your ISP may not be the only one who is interested in your IP address. By participating in these type of networks, other individuals can see your IP connection. Obviously, this imposes a threat to your security, which you definitely don’t want.

Fortunately, by choosing a VPN that allows access to P2P sites, it doesn’t stop you from downloading or uploading files so that you can access information or share it with others. Your IP is encrypted and stays hidden so that there is no way for anyone to intercept or see it.

Avoid Bandwidth Throttling

If you’ve ever been watching a streaming video or your favorite TV show and had to suffer through constant buffering, it may be due to your ISP. Bandwidth throttling occurs when your bandwidth is reduced by your ISP.

Their purpose is to regulate network traffic and cut down on congestion, but this type of meddling will directly impact the speed of your stream and ability to download content.

A VPN can help you avoid slow connection speeds and bandwidth throttling by your ISP. When your internet traffic is encrypted, your ISP can’t see it, which gives you all of the control. By opening a VPN app and choosing a server, you can enjoy surfing on the web without any interference from your ISP.

Keeping Your Conversations Private And Secure

VoIP services are an excellent way to make a call to your family or discuss business matters with a colleague, and while these type of services are attempting to become more secure, many of them can be easily compromised so that a person can eavesdrop on your conversation.

Also, some countries are censoring services like Skype. If you are traveling abroad or temporarily residing in another country, it may be difficult for you to use this type of service.

Not only does utilizing a VPN help you bypass this type of restriction, it keeps your internet traffic encrypted and secure so that snoopers have no way to monitor your conversations.

Avoid Website Info Gathering

There are an enormous amount of websites on the internet. Like any business, they do all that they can to produce an income. Frequently, they will use adverts to generate revenue and use your ISP address to target you directly.

If you’ve ever been to your favorite online retailer when browsing the web and noticed that ads for that business keep popping up during later browsing sessions, it’s obvious that your online activity is being tracked and used to gain something from you.

Hopefully, this type of activity makes you concerned. If you’d like to do something about this, a good countermeasure is the utilization of a VPN. This way your IP address stays hidden and you avoid this type of targeting.

Encrypting Your Network And Browsing The Web Anonymously

Cybersecurity has been a big issue in the past few years. Using a VPN ensures that your connection to the internet is not exposed. By using a VPN on every device in your home, your access to the internet is encrypted and makes it nearly impossible for anyone to spy on you or a family member’s activities when you hop on the internet.

Similar to companies that are tracking your purchasing interests, ISPs can also track your movement on the web. Even if you use incognito mode, you are only hiding your browsing history — a VPN will actually hide all of your internet traffic from the ISP that you are using.

This is highly beneficial if you have any concerns at all about your browsing history. In 2017, ISPs were given permission by the United States government to package and sell your sensitive data. Now, insurance companies and marketers can see everything that you do online.

Utilizing a VPN is an excellent way for you to easily keep your digital life secure, private and out of the hands of others.

Choosing Anonymity And Privacy

It’s easy to see why using a VPN is beneficial for many different activities. You are offered security, privacy and a reliable way to access the web.

A VPN service provides you with a way to have a safe, anonymous browsing experience every time that you use your smartphone, tablet or home computer.

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