8 Key Features to Look For In a Rank Tracking Tool for Your SEO Venture

Choosing the right rank tracking tool is a crucial topic for website owners, who want to know where their venture is headed. There is no denying that the variety of rank checking tools in the market can leave you stunned. You have the leeway to pick any rank checker tool like the Bing rank tracker for Bing. However, you need to ask whether you have made the right decision and whether the tool is a good fit for your website.


Any website checking tool needs to offer a guarantee of accuracy. You want to know precisely where your site stands and whether your SEO strategy is worth your resources. Your rank tracker tool should offer you a clear overview of what you want to know. The tracker in nature should be able to offer results that are way above what you will get from a manual check. If anything, you want an accurate decision, so as to make an informed decision that will see your website moving up instead of down in those top 100 spots.

Bulk Keywords

The number of keywords you want to track is important. You need a tracker that can return perfect results for bulk keywords. You don’t want to invest in a tool that handles a limited number of fewer than 10 keywords. Some rank trackers cannot handle the huge quotas. Others will cost too much, yet they cannot handle the bulk. Your budget should gravitate towards a rank checker that can handle 500 keywords, even if the search is to be done on five different search engines like Google and Bing.

Local Ranks Tracking

Top search engines don’t take things for granted in the marketing scene. You want the rank tracker that is SEO savvy and with the capacity to show where the rank is headed. It’s prudent that you choose a tracker that transcends geography. Also, there are many rank aspects you need to know. If the tool can’t offer a variety of rank search parameters, don’t waste your money.

Mobile Ranks Tracking

80 percent of searches today are done on mobile. It’s your responsibility to know where it ranks. If the rank track in question cannot help you track your mobile metrics, it’s as good as any obsolete tracker. You cannot afford to run the mobile search without knowing the effectiveness of mobile marketing.

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Search Engine Diversity

Before you chose a given tracker, get to know whether the tool is exclusive to a search engine like Google or Bing. Its imperative that the rank checker you pick offers a range of capacities across search engines. Don’t be limited to one, since you might need to track in different demographic areas.

Redundant Features

Some rank tracker tools can be packaged as the ultimate SEO tool. If they have bundled a heap of features therein, there is a possibility that you might not need these add-ons. You need to narrow down on a tracker that is built to offer premium reporting capabilities. If anything, the said tracker with additional features can only be viable if they are not charging you for the “sweeteners”. Sometimes, all you need is the core feature that will help you discern where you are going.

White Label Reports

The rank tracker you pick should offer genuine reports and metrics. The requirements for white label reports tell you and your clients that it’s authentic. Your clients will get reports that come with your label and details. Don’t choose a rank tracker that doesn’t certify its reporting capacity.

Organization and Data Clarity

It’s true that rank checking software/tools are designed to make work easy. However, there is need to confirm that your preferred checker offers you discreet reporting and superior organization. If the date is jumbled up, there is no need to have used the tracker in the first place. Unfortunately, some trackers won’t let you organize the date in a neat way. There’s no point on spending on a rank checker whose dashboard is a mess of statistics. The best pick is a rank checker that allows you to decipher and add data in a simple yet organized manner. If you can’t at a glance tell what is happening, look for alternatives.

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