A Look into the New Clean Facebook News Feed

On Thursday, Facebook rolled out its New, Simple and Clean News feed for all screens. Facebook has been focusing on making their product more engaging and easier to read. Big images, customization and simpler sans-serif fonts is what we got to see. They have focused to keep the users attention and also not lose the advertisers. As per my opinion the design is cool. They have changed the background, the icons, improved navigation and the best, bigger images and videos. Giving you a fine Facebook experience. It gives you a feel of using a newspaper.

new facbook news feed

Well, CNET just went behind the scenes to find out the reason of new feeds. Here’s their interview with the News feed product manager Greg Marra. I’ve presented here my thoughts, on the new design. So, let’s have deeper look on what made them install this change.

Deeper Look in the News Feed

Facebook, no doubt is user sensitive. This new news feed wasn’t unveiled to everyone on thursday. Marra said that before we rolled the design they had many researchers and power users to have a look over the feeds and present their views on what should be added and removed. The users can send their feedback and bug reports from the site. They had took their time to listen from users and came over to this design.
Before the new design they’d got feedback from users about the navigation on the left sidebar. The users on the small screens had to take more effort to navigate to the groups and the links. Which was made simpler in the new design.
The news articles showed up big but simple sans-serif fonts. That shows that facebook what’s you to more attentive on the feeds. The bigger images is the coolest thing I think, in this new design. They improved the navigation for choosing whose feeds you want in the news feed. Before you had to go the particular friend or group’s page and unfollow the user. But now you can directly unfollow the users from the news feeds option on the left sidebar. Click on “update who you follow” and it’ll take you to the lists whom you’re following.
facebook news feed settings
They have provided quick links for the groups settings in the pencil icon. Also quick link to create app if you’re a facebook developer.


Facebook is evolving day by day, testing things and getting users feedback. All in all facebook wants you to give a better experience, making you focus on what your friends are doing and make them connected to you. I should say that they have fine team that concentrates on each user feedback and trying hard to present a better product. I’m pretty happy with the new design. What are your views?

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