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Mozilla Firefox is one of the most secure browsers but it is missing one important feature. Technically it’s not missing, it’s just not available in default features. As the title suggests, the missing feature is blocking any particular website or maybe more than just one website. You may want to block any website with explicit content or prevent any tricky website that giving viruses to your system. Whatever the reason you have , the websites can be blocked on Firefox using it’s vast collection of external add-on.

There are many add-on you can choose for blocking websites, but which one is the most effective for this task? Here is a collection of add-on for “Parental Control” aka blocking websites. But below is two handpicked add-on that will save the time in browsing and picking from add-on list.

You can browse and install plugin from Tools > Add-ons. Keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+A. The links to add-ons are also attached below.


#1 BlockSite

It is a free add-on for blocking sites. It is very simple and effective. So how the BlockSite add-on works?

1. Install the BlockSite. Restart Firefox and Go to options of  BlockSite in add-on.

2. Check the”Enable BlockSite” and “Enable warning messages” if they are not checked by default.


3. Add the name of website by “Add” button.You can add websites to two different types of    list:Blacklist and Whitelist.


4. A password can be set in BlockSite to prevent anyone to unblock ,the blocked sites.

5. There you go.You can add ,edit and remove any websites in blacklist / whitelist.

6. The other features details can be found on Official Site.

#2 LeechBlock


LeechBlock is another free add-on for blocking sites. LeechBlock is more advanced and gives more control over blocking sites. It gives multiple features like What to Block , When to Block and How to Block. You can block any website between particular time period or even block it automatically after 15 min stay on website!

Check the link below for more cool Addons for Firefox!

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