Adding Facebook Like Box (Page Plugin) Below Posts in WordPress

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The Facebook Like box is one of the plugin available with Jetpack. Many people tend to make less use of Jetpack or mostly don’t know how Jetpack can be used. Well, along with wordpress management also provide few necessary plugins every website should have. Like the Facebook like box.

Well, I’d be technically wrong to say “Facebook Like box”, because it’s been replaced with “Page Plugin“. In the recent update of Graph API by Facebook, the like box has been deprecated and Page plugin has been brought in. Well, that’s not much difference in the box. But, the <iframe> functionality has been removed and only XFBML code version is available.

So, you won’t be able to get responsive Like boxes as before. No CSS tricks would work. The maximum width that can be applied is 500px. The box will be adaptive to content are but it won’t exceed 500px. So, to be clear the plugin that you’ll place below the post won’t exceed 500px width. Let’s get start with the how-to guide.

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How To Add Facebook Page Plugin(Like Box) below Post content


All you have to do is just install plugins and drag and drop widgets. There nothing fancy here. If you might be thinking how to add plugin below post content? Then there’s plugin to actually make that happen. That’s the beauty of WordPress. I can’t imagine WordPress without plugins.


Install the Widget after content plugin. Ha! Just that simple. Well, I suppose you know how to do that. After installation you’ll see After content area available in theme sidebars area of Widgets.



Install your preferred Facebook Plugin or the pre-installed Jetpack Facebook Like Box. I recommend Easy Facebook Like Box if you choose to use some other plugin. After installing drag and drop the Facebook like box widget to After content section in your theme sidebars. And configure it according to your liking.

There is not much of configuration or control available in the Jetpack’s plugin, so Easy Facebook like box would be a better option if you won’t more modification to the like box. But, as I said you can’t get the <iframe> out of it.



Well, it’s just that simple. You can also manually add plugin below content by adding a function to your functions.php. But, that doesn’t make sense when there’s already a plugin and you don’t use it.

The Widget after content has options to remove the area for particular posts, tags or categories. You can also check the box while editing a post to remove widget area under post content .

Next, I’d like to talk about Jetpack. Many People don’t use it that much. Not at least the way it was made to be used. Many in-built plugins are available. Though, people download simple plugins like social media buttons. It’s already there! Just use it.

Although, Jetpack plugins don’t have much functionality added, it is still useful. Hope this simple how-to guide helped you. Any problems? Post them down in the comments section. Cheers!

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