The 5 Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives for Windows and Mac (That Are Easy To Use)

Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

Alternatives to Photoshop that are less complex.

Adobe Photoshop has been around quite a long time now. And it has shaped the image editing and digital artwork industry like no other tool. You can know the extent to which it is used in the industry, by acknowledging that a legit term ‘Photoshopped’ exists. But there is a problem with Photoshop. Though the tool is really powerful and will get almost any image editing task done. But to be honest, it is a little hard to master and use. And if you are a beginner, you are looking over weeks and months of learning to get to know and use Photoshop efficiently. But you need not to worry, here we will be discussing some of the best Adobe Photoshop alternatives which you can learn easily, and will get the job done as good as Photoshop.

Here are the Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

1. Pixlr:

 pixlr adobe photoshop alternatives1

With the advancement of cloud apps and utilities, Pixlr takes the photo editing to the cloud as well. It is an online photo editing app. Which means you do not need to download any software or setup and locally install it on your PC. Well, it has some benefits, as you can work from any device, wherever you are. But again the downside being, that you do need a good and reliable internet connection. Which is not hard to find these days, even in the remotest of places.

pixlr adobe photoshop alternatives2

It works quite similarly like Photoshop. You import an Image, from the File>Open image. And then after finishing the editing, save it locally on your computer. All the photo editing options are there, like Filters, Image Coloring Options, Blurring options etc. They are pretty well organized, and you will get hold of the interface as soon as you use it.  You can make an account, and get some benefits on the platform. Also, they have a mobile option available if you also wish to edit your pictures on the go. It is one of the best alternatives to Photoshop, and you should definitely check it out.

So what to do if are not near any computer or laptop? Here’s how: they have a mobile option available if you also wish to edit your pictures on the go. It is one of the best free adobe photoshop alternatives. If you are looking for a quick free photoshop alternative, you should definitely check it out.

Check it out at

2. Corel Paintshop Pro:

corel adobe photoshop alternatives

Corel Paintshop is also one of the quite old editing apps. Though it is not as easy to operate as Pixlr, still it is a good option to go with. The utility will be downloaded and installed on your computer locally. It has features similar to Photoshop but the price is much lower.

It also has some cool features like the Face Detection, Geo Tagging, Vector Drawing Tools, and much more. Though it is not as powerful as Photoshop, still it is a good alternative as it provides all the features at a lower price. And the overall experience of using Corel Paintshop Pro is quite positive, and you will surely like the interface and the ecosystem.

Download: Corel Paintshop Pro

3. Gimp:

gimp adobe photoshop alternatives

Gimp has the interface which most resembles the Adobe Photoshop. And the fact is that it is exactly powerful – same as photoshop. It is also free at the same time. This makes it quite an interesting photo editing tool. Though the categorization of the tools and the options are slightly different as compared to the Photoshop, the learning curve is steep. Though it does miss out on some features which are in the Adobe Photoshop, it is still a powerful & solid photo editing tool. You should definitely give it a try if you are looking for something similar to Adobe Photoshop.

Download: GIMP

4. Acorn:

acorn adobe photoshop alternatives

Acorn is a no-nonsense image editor. It is also quite a simple image editor, which is one of the most user-friendly on this list. But the only down point is, that at this point in time it is only available for Mac. So sorry Windows users. The image editor is quite simplistic, and all the controls are well categorized as you can see in the image.

You can easily recognize the location of the features you are looking for and using them is even simpler. The color curves are quite accurate, and the tool will allow you to manipulate the colors and other things in the image just like Adobe Photoshop. Though it is quite easy to operate and simple to use, but do not think that it is any less powerful. It packs a punch when it comes to features. It is priced at about $29 on the iTunes Store. If paying a price for one of the Adobe Photoshop alternatives doesn’t affect you, you should definitely give Acorn a try.

Download: Acorn at

5. Paint.Net: adobe photoshop alternatives

Paint.NET is yet another powerful alternative to Photoshop. All the tools are well placed, like the Eraser, Clone, Magic Wand. If you are coming from the Adobe Photoshop, you won’t find any difficulty as it is much easier than Photoshop to operate and master. There are also powerful layering options if you want the tool to do some heavy lifting. It won’t disappoint you in that area as well.

All the features which you will be found in the premium tools are present in this tool, and it is easier to use them in here as well. And also there are many plug-ins which can increase the functionality of this tool. But even without the plug-ins, it still is a quite powerful image editing software. You should definitely check this one out.

Download: Paint.Net


So these were some of the powerful yet easier to use Adobe Photoshop alternatives. All of the tools we mentioned here are quite cheaper as compared to Photoshop which is quite expensive. Some are even free! And at the same time, they do carry powerful features so that you can get the tasks done with these pretty easily and efficiently as well. If you think we missed out on a potential candidate, which deserved to be on this list, do let us know in the comment section below.

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