All the New Features in Windows 10 for PCs


It was a great day for Microsoft yesterday. Big announcements at the Windows 10: Next chapter event, featuring new build for windows 10, universal apps, cortana integration, the Surface hub, and last of all the revolutionary Microsoft Hololens. Holograms at the tips of your finger and powered by windows 10.

This article will contain all the new features that will come in for Windows 10 for PCs. It’ll be updated whenever there’s a new feature pulled in.

Well, in this article all the new features that are available in recent builds of windows 10 and those that will be available in future builds are mentioned. Including, those announced at yesterday’s event.

A very big thumbs up to Microsoft as they’ll give free upgrades of windows 10 to 7, 8 and 8.1 users for 1 year after the launch. Which will actually be done later this year. Now, let’s have a look at the new features available in windows 10 as of in previous builds. A bit of recap.

1. The return of the Start Menu


Well, it’s not like the old one. It does have metro UI tiles. You can resize them, move them wherever you want and of course, you can remove all of them too. Full personalization to start menu is available.  Also, you have search option which before in Windows 7 showed helped find application is now capable to show Web results.

Well, if you want to remove this start menu and want the Metro UI back then follow the below given steps:

1. Right click on the taskbar and select properties.

2. Get to the Start Menu and over there you’ll get an option “Use the start menu instead of Start screen.” Uncheck the box and Hit apply.


You’ll be asked to sign out and sign-in again to activate the settings.

 2. Metro UI apps in Windowed Form



Now you can use the Metro apps same as any software in the windowed form. These apps will be called “universal apps”.

3. Tiny but the best update in Command Prompt


You can now paste using Ctrl+V in command prompt instead of right-click and paste. This might be silly for non-geeks but this tiny little can bring loads of productivity to professional terminal users.

4. Multitasking and Multiple Desktops



Windows has finally brought in the two features that Linux and OS X already had for years. In the taskbar you’ll see a new icon which will show you all the opened window at once. Well, it’s not just multitasking but windows 10 has brought in the ability to create “multiple desktops” for better organization. Also, you get a new feature called “Aero snap” that let’s you snap up to 4 windows on the screen for better multitasking.

5. Update for tablets and Touch devices

Windows 10 will now look change accordingly whenever you plug in an external keyboard. It’ll give you more touch friendly view automatically whenever it detects you’re using the touch interface.

Below are the new features that will come in the future builds. As of announced in the 21st Jan event.

6. Cortana Integration


The most rumored feature which came in true. According to Microsoft Cortana will be playing a HUGE role for Windows 10. Well, it does work smooth and accurate as it did in the windows phones. But, this piece of software is specifically developed for PC. Cortana will work differently for different individuals. What it means that it’ll learn about the individual using the OS and work accordingly. It has notebook where it stores all the information of the users tasks, what it know about the users, what does the user does the most on the PC and also it can predict things to help you accomplish a task. You can type or say to make it do what you want.

You do get the option to delete your preferences from the notebook and modify it accordingly. Being specifically made for PC it’ll also have knowledge of your PC hardware.

7. New Action Center


Well, the Action Center totally revamped. It’ll contain options to complete common tasks such turning on Wi-fi, Bluetooth,etc. and also you’ll get the ability to get into tablet mode even if you’re using PC. It’s going to become the home for notifications for apps and cortana too. Or else you can say it as a notification center too. More like android-style.

If you miss any notification on your windows phone it’ll automatically show up on your PC in the notification center. More of a unified experience.

8. New Universal Apps



First off, is the outlook with built-in Word’s engine for comprehensive writing and better formatting of emails. It’s much more polished now and you can set a background image of your own. The calendar app is made much more sleek and it looks consistent across different devices. Also as announced, the photos uploaded to OneDrive will undergo automatic enhancements which include red eye removal and better exposure.

9. New web browser codenamed Spartan


The fall of IE and the Rise of Spartan. Well, it’s the right move made by the company of starting build a completely new browser rather than just improving IE. Spartan is designed to be more quick, light and secure with the new rendering engine will be a strong backbone for adding new features. As showed off in the event a feature called “snapping” which freezes the current web page and let’s you add comments or clip out particular segments of the page and share it with someone using the built-in sharing tool. 

Other feature include:

  • Reading mode as in chrome and firefox. Formatted content.
  • Offline reading.
  • Built-in PDF support. No need of adobe reader.
  • Full cortana integration.
  • Highlighting content on web page using mouse on PC, stylus on tablets or even touch will work.

10. Xbox App


Gamers also have been also given the equal importance. With the new Xbox app you can share game clips using the new Game DVR with your friends and much more. The app includes activity feed, messages and friends list. More of like a social network. It doesn’t over there.

Cross-play between Xbox and PC users is now a reality. Also you can stream your Xbox one games to your PC seamlessly on your wifi network.

Well, Microsoft’s gonna bring in the floods of new exciting features. New build will be available next week to the insiders. Share us your thoughts in the comments and also may be you’d like to bookmark this page as we will update this article whenever new features come in.

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