Alt-C Handles Copied Text two ways between PC and Phone

Alt-C is a task specific app that let’s you manage your copied text two-ways between your PC and phone. Press alt+c  to copy text on your PC and hit paste on your phone. The same for the copied text on your phone. Copy text as you would normally do and hit alt+V to paste the text on your PC. Sound more like pushbullet’s universal copy-paste?

Yea, it is. But, Pushbullet doesn’t let you manage your copied text. Alt-C stores each and every copied text one by one as you copy from your PC to your phone. Let’s say you copied some text from Wikipedia(as you always do) and some other web page. The copied text will get stored one by one forming a stack in the app. So, now all you have to do is tap on the block of text and it’ll be automatically copied. Long press and it’ll be deleted. Same for from phone to PC.



Alt-C is currently available only for Windows and Android. You’ll need a code to register, which you’ll get when you run the app on your phone. You can add as many devices you want. All you need is the code. Also you can change the hot key for copy and paste.

iOS and Mac apps incoming soon. The app is pretty good. Took some time for syncing text during the first time, may be because of Windows 10 TP. Overall, it’s great lightweight app. Operation specific apps are getting kinda popular. Let us know what you think about the app. Is it good enough? or you’d still stick to pushbullet’s universal copy-paste?

Download- Alt – C

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