Android L’s New blistering Keyboard available on Play store

A third-party developer has done a great job of extracting keyboard APK from the official Android L preview and made it available on the play store. It’s all Free, NO ADS and no root required. I’ve used it for more than 24 hours and it’s surprisingly stable. Well, you may think it’s a third-party take it as a caution. And you should. But, not in this case. The application is uploaded by a recognized developer and also a producer for XDA developers TV- Shen Ye.

android L keyboard screenshot

It’s only available for android 4.0 and above. With the material design approach, Android L’s keyboard doesn’t have lines between the letters and it’s totally flat. I loved it’s simplicity and it’s just perfect. With 4.5 stars rating it’s got everything a smartphone keyboard should have. The gesture typing, accessing emojis and also adding different dictionaries.

You may find it a bit unusual at first, but, then you’ll never think of uninstalling it. You can get it on the play store. Link’s given below. The app will guide you through, making it your default keyboard. It’s just too good.

Android L keyboard on Play Store.

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