Your Android Ain’t Too Cool Without Android phone monitoring!


Android phones are a collection of cool, innovative and mesmerizing designs that has the whole world drooling over it. You have the bigger screen, all the handy widgets and infinite apps that you can install. But apart from all these perks, your Android is probably not that safe without Android phone monitoring.

What’s So Cool About it?

You’d be amazed how the monitoring software can make your phone really smart. There is so much you can do with the software installed on your phone or Android device of your kids or employees. Are you always suspicious about your kid’s secretive manner? Irked with the employees’ laziness and suspect them for foul play? Installing monitoring apps can let you monitor your kids and employees all the time.

Which Android phone monitoring to Go For?

Most of the Android monitoring apps are not compatible with Android OS 5.0 let alone the latest OS 6.0. So there are chances that any of the Android phone monitoring apps that you pick might not support the Marshmallow. But there is this software Xnspy that has released its software update and so is compatible with all OS up to 6.0.

Plus you get free updates and 24/7 customer support to sort out your problems all anytime. Xnspy is the only monitoring app that gives you exclusive features, too! So yes; there are more reasons to go for Xnspy!

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How to Go About It?

It’s no rocket science: simply select the Android phone monitoring app from the Xnspy website and select subscription package. After you have paid for the product you will receive the e-mail for installation instructions. Follow them and you have Xnspy on the target phone!

Xnspy will let you:

  • Read SMS and e-mails
  • Record calls and phone surroundings
  • Check pictures and videos
  • View web history
  • Trace Geo-location
  • Check location history
  • Get SIM change alerts
  • Receive trigger alerts for SMS, e-mails and calls
  • Remotely delete or backup data
  • Lock phone remotely
  • Start, deactivate or pause apps on target phone remotely

Strong Customer Support:

A talented and up-to date customer support staff from Xnspy is there to help users with all, if any of their queries. Be it your issue with installation of Xnspy or any other problem with your service, this professional team of individuals is highly skilled to sort out your problem in the most efficient manner possible.

Do I need to Install Android phone monitoring on My Cell, Too?

Installing this Android phone monitoring app on your phone is helpful as well. You can keep an automatically updated phone data backup. In case your phone is stolen, you can swipe all data remotely and even lock phone. GPS location will let you get your Android device as well. Who would mind keeping ones phone safe and keep an eye on the kids and employees? So make a dash for Xnspy before the prices for spy software shoot up because starting from $8 per month is way too economical!

Find out XNSPY Dashboard app for more outstanding monitoring experience.


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