Play Pokemon Go with the New Working Android Pokemon Go Joystick

android pokemon go joystick headerNiantic, the makers of Pokemon Go have finally heard the cries of millions of the series fans all over the world. The developers implemented couples of updates over the past few months which poured the new Pokemon, buddy system, log-in bonuses and so on. But it doesn’t end there. Not everyone preferred to spend their whole day outside, running around everywhere to catch the Pokemon. I don’t, do you? Many users relied on various tricks to play Pokemon Go joystick. Alas, the new updates have disabled almost all working joystick apps for the game. But fret not, we have found a new working android Pokemon go joystick. Come get it before the stocks run out!

Now before we start, we want to clarify that this app will only work in earlier versions of the android. To be specific, If you have already installed the android march update, the android Pokemon Go joystick won’t work. The android march update has fixed the vulnerability used by Gps spoofing app. It prevents the Gps masking of the device’s location which is a necessary factor for the app to work.

We recommend you to try out the app mentioned below first to check if it is working for your device or not. It is better than taking any drastic measures just for the sake of a single app. If it does not work, you can try to downgrade your device’s android version. If it’s not possible, there is another option of rooting your device. So now that it’s out of the way, let us introduce the working android Pokemon go joystick app. The following app does not require a rooted android device.

The New Working Android Pokemon Go Joystick:

1. Download & install the latest version of the “GPS JoyStick” from the Google Play Store.

2. You should be already familiar with the next steps if have already used a Gps spoofing app before. If you are new, then head to your device Settings>Developers Options. Skip to the step 4 if you have it unlocked.

3. If you can’t see Developers Options in the settings, then you have to unlock it. To do that, head to your Device information section in the settings and tap on Build number multiple time. After tapping it 6-7 times, you will see a small message saying that it’s unlocked.

android pokemon go joystick mock location

4. Now scroll down in Developers Options and look for the “Select mock location app” and select the ” GPS JoyStick“. Do note that if you can’t select the app for the mock location, then your device is incompatible. The android Pokemon go joystick won’t work.

5. Start the Gps of your device and open the GPS JoyStick app. You can see three options to select your location.

android pokemon go joystick select location

6. We suggest you use ” Get Current Location” option. Using a faraway location than your actual location may ban you if you are not careful enough.

7. Once you set your desired location, tap on the ” Start” button. You can now finally watch an ad which you didn’t want to. There is a paid version of the app available if you do not want to deal with ads. The option can be found under the settings menu.

8. You can see a joystick hovering over your device screen. Now just open the Pokemon Go and enjoy the play the Pokemon Go joystick for android. End of story or is it?

The Amazing New Joystick Features:

android pokemon go joystick gps joystick

Joystick Movement: If you struggle to catch the Pokemon due to joystick location, you can change its position. Tap on the first button above the joystick to drag and move joystick wherever you want.

Custom Routes: The app has an amazing feature which can make routes according to your wish. Tap on the middle button above the joystick to open the map. Now tap on the locations near the first marker and you can place a new location marker. You can add as many markers as you want (beware from putting red markers). Now here comes the fun part. Tap on the “Start Route” and switch back to Pokemon Go. Your character is now possessed and will follow the route you created without you doing anything. Avoid catching the Pokemon while you use this feature. More details are down below.

Teleport: You can use this feature by tapping on the last button above the joystick. You can directly use this option to teleport to nay location you like while playing the game. All you have to do is to enter Latitude & Longitude of the desired location.

The Walking Style: Ok, so if you are thinking that your character can moonwalk now then it’s not possible, yet. The app lets you pick from three different walking speed. You can select them easily as they are directly under the joystick. The character can slowly walk, walk little faster or run depending on the option you selected. We suggest to use only first 2 option and refrain from running speed. If you have question mark popped up on your head, you can find the reason down in FAQ section.

The Advantages Of The Features: Free Candies & Easier Egg Hatching:

android pokemon go joystick create route

The features are specially tailored for the Pokemon Go. Aside from Gps spoofing, the android Pokemon Go joystick can also help you out with the buddy system. You may have already figured it out, but it can also be useful for hatching those 10 km eggs. So how do we do that efficiently?

First, go to your device’s Settings>Display>Sleep & select the “30 mins” from the list. You may choose other option, but 30 mins are ideal. Now open the Gps JoyStick app and select a location. Tap the map button above the joystick and open the map. There select your route by placing markers. Create the route depending on the egg you are hatching. If the egg needs 10 km walking, then prepare a 10 km route. You can also save different routes and load them again anytime you want. Now head to “Route Options” and select “Reverse”. As for start mode, select “Walk To Start” if you are using a different starting location for the route.

This is the final part. Tap on the “start route” & you can see two extra buttons on top of your joystick. They are for pausing and stopping the route. If the Pokemon Go is not running in the background, immediately tap the pause button and open the game. Once the game finishes the loading, tap on the start button to continue your route.

Phew, now you can just sit back and relax. Your in-game character will continue walking on designated route without any need for interactions. With this, your character will continue hatching eggs for you. At the same time, you also can get candies from your selected buddy.


Here is a little bit of detail on things to avoid. Failing to do so may lead to your account banning. It is not guaranteed, but hey better be safe than sorry.

Q. I can’t select Gps JoyStick app in mock location.

A: If your device is incompatible, you may not be able to use the app. Like we mentioned earlier, if you have already installed march android security update then the app won’t work.

Q. My location is kept reverting back to my original location aka rubberbanding.

android pokemon go joystick rubber banding fix

A: There are a couple of ways which can fix the rubber banding effect. Avoid using any app that requires Gps while using the android Pokemon Go joystick like Google Maps. Your location also plays a huge part in it. If you are in an area with high Gps receptivity then you will face rubber banding time to time. Experiment with different locations to find a perfect fit for you. The Gps JoyStick app also have inbuilt options to prevent location changing. Tap on “Fix GPS Jump to Real Location” option in home screen and you can choose between four different options to fix this issue.

Q. My character is moving in a different direction than I intended.

A: Make sure the compass in Pokemon is pointing at north direction.

Q. Should I capture a Pokemon while using automatic route options?

A: The answers is both yes and no. You have to first pause the route as mentioned above before capturing the Pokemon. You can use our Pokemon Go tracking method for that. If you fail to do so, your character would be still moving while you are in capturing screen. It will either result in Pokemon running away or instant teleportation. The later may even ban your account.

Q. My character is moving too slow. Should I just switch to running option?

A: Moving faster than average human speed may grant you a soft ban or even a permanent ban. But you may tweak the moving speed in Gps JoyStick app settings.

Q. I can’t catch any Pokemon and PokeStop is not giving any goodies!

A: Congratulations, you are soft banned. You have to wait for few hours to release soft ban. Alternatively, you can just spin PokeStop for around 30 times like there is no tomorrow and lift the soft ban.

So what are your thoughts on this new android Pokemon go joystick? Is Pokemon Go still a thing? Is it good or bad? Leave your comments in the comment section down below!

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    • It will crash when your device doesn’t have sufficient available RAM. I suggest closing any other background apps and their processes before playing the game.

  1. Minato namikaze

    How can i encounter pokestops and pokemon..they didnt appearing when i was using the gps joystick or even when im teleporting …….help….what am i gonna do

    • That’s not a ban. If Pokestops and Gyms don’t appear while you are “walking” will the joystick then the game can tell you’re using mock locations which means you must have the March 2017 security patch and can’t spoof with this method.

  2. In my phone is not working, my friends say that it work only in Android Version MARSHMALLOW.
    And my Android Version is LOLLIPOP.
    Is it real that it will on MARSHMALLOW?
    What should I do?

    • Yes, it will only work on Android Marshmallow. You have to update your device to Marshmallow version if it’s officially available. Alternatively, you can root your device to use custom ROM but I won’t recommend it.

    • no bro u can use it on lollipop also i m using but message me to know further steps coz i m a little busy.

  3. Should I keep the location in high accuracy or ‘use only GPS’ option

    And when I used that app it says location not found in pokemon go

  4. i downloaded everything and followed the steps,but when i open the app i can walk with the joystick but it shows no gps even thou the gps is already on(already high accu) need hlp fast..ty.

  5. I’ve follow the steps above,when i start the game,it says failed to detect location.(but i can still use the joystick to walk).need hlp:p

  6. Hi ;
    Everything seems To be alright but once pokemonGO is launch. ….there la no more pokestop pokemon or gym. …nothing but the joystick is ok

  7. Mahavar Pavan

    It’s not working in my mobile Redmi 3s prime. It’s show failed to detect location…
    Help me to fix problem

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