Apps that’ll probably satisfy your curiosity for Android L

So, you’re the ‘just another guy’ who wants to have a little taste of Android L. By taste I mean to have some of it’s core apps running on your android device(non-nexus). Well, the senior member at XDA-developers ivan123 has got full Android L dump for you guys to check out the L apps. You can download them altogether or one-by-one. You’ll have to first change the settings to allow android download third-party apps. Some apps may not work. And of course you can’t expect everything working on incompatible system.

New apps launched based on Android L

Android L Keyboard

Just after 2 days of announcement of Android L Shen ye developer at  XDA-developers successfully extracted the keyboard APK and made it available on the play store. After 2 weeks it was removed due to violations of google policies. So, for no further conflicts he uploaded it on the amazon appstore. It’s still free. You can download it from amazon appstore.


One of the amazing features in android L is the notification that appear pop-up when you’re using an app or also can be accessed on the lock screen. Perform quick actions and preview the notification. All these features are available in floatify. You can check out the thread at XDA-developers.  It compatible only with Android 4.3+.

Heads Up!

Heads up notification brings the popping out of notification from Android L. If you just want the pop up notification like that you get in facebook messenger you can opt for heads up! rather than floatify. You got to pay it on the play store but it’s available for free on XDA.

Android L theme for CM11 PA

If you’ve got cyanogenmod11 hopefully you can enjoy the material design. The theme is pretty looks like the L. It will give you the feel. I found two themes for CM11 which worked for me. One on XDA and other on play store.

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For Xposed Framework

The Xposed users can also give their device the L feel. The android L navigation bar modules are available. You can directly download from the Xposed installer. It changes your navigation bar to the material design. Changing them to triangle, circle and square. It won’t work on devices having external buttons for navigation. Like that on samsung.
You can also have the L theme using Xposed. Some of the theme elements didn’t work . May work on your device. It needs android 4.0+. Check out the XDA forum thread.

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