ATF’s Best: Android Apps of the Month [April 2014]

So, we’ve came up again with our best android app of the last month(April). Last month was a month of creativity and simplicity. We’ve sorted out some really awesome apps that you should try out. You can also check out our series of Best Android Apps of the Month.



The double tasker spelled as “Gift” excluding “G” came on android last month. With theory of “If THIS happens then do THAT” IFTTT has been my personal favorite. It’s changed the way I’ve been using the internet. I specially use it to track new android apps and post my blog links to my Facebook and twitter accounts automatically. The whole process of “If This, Then That(IFTTT)” is called a recipe. Say for example you made a status update on Facebook and want it to post on twitter too. So, first of all the you’ll have to activate the Facebook and twitter channel. ie. let IFTTT access your account. After that you’ll select the Facebook channel and set the first ingredient “If there’s status update on your account”, then “post the same on twitter”. So whenever you make a status update it’ll also be posted on twitter. Well, there many combination you can try like mute your phone when you reach your office or if you change your Facebook profile pic then change it on twitter too.


With versus you can compare two products spec-wise. The app is cool because of it’s simplicity and the voting system that it provides for each spec of the product. Well, there’s also downside as it doesn’t suggest or show list of top compared products or recently compared. It directly asks you to enter the products you wanna compare no suggestion of products or recommended products. But, I think the app focuses on providing the user quickest way to compare products so it may not have added more features that may distract user to other products. It also requests to give access to your Facebook profile for voting, which, I think is of no need to just vote.


Notegraphy wants to change the way you take notes or share you thoughts. It enhances your notes and thoughts by presenting the text(note) in form of a beautiful design. There are almost 30 variety of designs created by artists. You can share you beautiful notes on social networks. Also you can make it private. Explore along on different notes taken by users categorized in inspiration, laugh and story. It’s beautiful app for creative people.
[Dowload Now]



The most known PC maintenance tool CCleaner arrived on android last month. It helps you clear app cache, bulk uninstall apps, clear browsing history, remove call logs and clear clipboard data. The app is in beta stage, you’ll first have to sign up for their Google+ community and than download app from below given link.



This app may not be the best but the technology it’s used is worth a gold. May be you’re at super bowl or just hanging around at a garden, open firechat and check out who’s there and start chatting. It doesn’t need any internet connection or mobile network. It just tracks the people using firechat at 30 feet radius around you and let’s you chat with them. It uses the the open garden’s mesh networking technology which makes it unique from other chat apps. Well, it’s not satisfied the app users, you can check the reviews on play store. But 5 stars for the technology and concept.


Ever thought of using both the rear and front camera simultaneously. If not frontback can do that for you. You take pictures of front(your clumsy face) and back(the beautiful scenery). Than #hashtag them and share with your friends. Creative app worth a download.

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