ATF’s Best: Android Apps of the Month [March 2014]

It’s been a month of innovation and concept by all the apps. Android developers are getting better with each app. So we’ve come up with our own list of android apps. If you’ve missed a nice app, then, here’s a compiled list of best android apps of march 2014. Also check out our series on Best Android Apps of the Month.

Link Bubble


Link bubble is really a cool app. It save your time while browsing the internet. It opens links in background and let you use the current app without interrupting your work. Say for example you’re using twitter and you open a link using link bubble. This app will open the link in background, showing you only the bubble on the screen with the site logo. While it’s loading the link in background you can use twitter and continue your work. When it’s finished loading it’ll open up on it’s own. Thus, saving your time that you would usually waste while using chrome or other internet app to open the link.

It’s also got the pro version of the app which is a paid app. In which you can open multiple link simultaneously. Which is not available in the free app. You can only use one app for link bubble in the free version and is available for all apps in the Pro. But overall it’s a unique concept and damn useful. 5 stars from my side.



Timehop is an app for those selfie addicts and picture-prone eyes. This app shows you the pic that you uploaded on the current date on different social networks for 1,2 or 3 years ago. So, this app ultimately shows you the old photos that you snapped years ago. The cool shot in this app is that it pings you of a pic that you uploaded at that particular time. So, a sort of memory refreshment.

This app shows you photos from twitter, instagram, facebook, flickr and foursquare. Has a great UI and a fine concept. Well, this app has nothing do with the guys like me. As I upload photos at rare cases. So, I give it a 4 star.

Dollar Bird


Dollar Bird is budget organizer app with an awesome UI. Shows your current balance and let’s you add your transaction which is automatically reduced from your current balance. It pings you to pay your monthly bills. The cool shot are the charts and dedicated icon for all the items that you usually buy.

One thing that I think is real bad is the cost of using the pro features. $5 every month. That’s too high for budget app. Where as the pro features are really worth using. If you’re ready to spend $5 every month. Well , the free version satisfies everything a basic budget app should have. 4 stars!

Quiz Up


QuizUp is the best quiz app I’ve ever played. Cool and clean UI. You choose your favorite topic and hit play now. The will automatically track the best opponent for you to play quiz. You get 7 question each having 20 points and 10 seconds to answer that question. You get four options and the points for the answer is calculated on how fast you answered that question. The last question is the 2X bonus question which can turnaround whole of the quiz and can make you win if you give correct answers.

You can connect with your friends via facebook and challenge them for a quiz. You get achievements trophies and  a title when you reach at certain high level. As you can see in the first screenshot under my name there’s a title. “Binary Boss” which I earned on reaching 23rd level in Tech category. They update questions every week. So all in all it’s a fun app and also increases your knowledge. 5 stars from me, pretty obvious.

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URL shortner


URL shortner uses to shorten link effectively. You can easily shorten the links by pasting the link in the app and also stats about it. It covers everything the clicks, countries, platform and also you can star a link to track it more precisely. Fine app for publishers who share link on social networks.

Opera Max

Opera Max actually squeezes down the data for about 50% thus gives you faster browsing and also saves your monthly data plan. It compresses everything the html, videos and images. Worth a use if you’re at a limited data plan. But, if your network service provider doesn’t allow apps to manage the network, than your device will be incompatible to be download from play store. Well, you can download the apk from somewhere else.



Notification+ pings the notification of your android device on your chrome browser. So, now you can get all your android notification on chrome. This app can really be helpful if you do most of your work on PC. You’ll have to download the chrome extension to sync the notification between your device and chrome. The notifications sent are all encrypted and you can filter out which app should send notifications to chrome. The paid version includes the capability to click and disappear the notification. Cool app and you should download the notification+ pro key to support the developer. Just $1.99. That’s what keeps the developers moving forward.

So, this were the best android apps that we think are. But, you can suggest yours down in the comments and also tell us why it is best. If we think it’s a perfect fit, we may add it in the list.

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