Best Sites to Learn Coding 2015

Coding is fun when you know what you are doing. But that’s in distant future. Learning the programming language becomes a little painful if you choose wrong source of learning. So what we can do about it? Which is the best website to learn to code?There are number of books you can refer,but it will be like hitting your head against wall thousands of time.

But good news is that there are many sites on the internet that provide all types of tutorials and information which can hook you up in your programming journey. But again, there are so many sites,which one to choose?

Here there are couple of sites where I learned to code and which “I  think” are awesome and good for you to start your career in programming. Now, it can be be little confusing to find suitable choice. So, I have tagged some pro-cons along with description for you to have a perfect pick. All the sites included in this article are popular and have very large fan base. So here we go!.

Best Websites to Learn Coding


One of the popular website which is preferred by millions of people. Codecademy Offers Tutorials on : HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Python, Ruby, PHP & API. So why should you choose Codecademy? For starters,it is free. The tutorials are designed in such way that anyone can learn programming, even someone without any prior information about it.

The learning system focuses on user interaction and almost every chapter requires some input from the user. You have to finish lesson before progressing to next lesson. No shortcut! If you get stuck during the lesson you can use the Hint section. Even if you still can’t make it Codecademy has it’s own Q&A forum with a very large community. You can get ask any question like “Which is most Popular and Dominating Programming language?”

It has Project based Approach for Learning. You’ll understand the concepts as you simultaneously develop an Application. There are courses for learning different APIs where you can learn and develop more advanced Applications.

One of the cool feature of Codecademy is Achievements! Yes, you’ll get badges as you progress and complete each course. It adds a little bit of excitement in learning.Every course shows how much time will it take to learn the particular language and it’s difficulty level.


Estimated hours of learning.


  • Features multiple languages
  • Easy to Learn
  • Modern Learning System
  • Q&A Forum
  • Achievements (Badges)

Cons :

  • No video Tutorials.
  • Can’t Skip Lessons.
  • They teach like you’ve never know programming. So, Few introductory tutorials might be boring.

w3schools is one of the top online tutor in coding. W3schools gives beginner and intermediate level skills on many different programming languages. W3Schools offers tutorials on following: HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, PHP scripts, JQuery and many more. Let’s take a closer look.

The lessons are easy to absorb and and are categorized for easy navigation. Lessons are not compulsory, means you can skip through topics.

You can try yourself the code on the website itself. Every code explained has a working example. Though you won’t find Project based approach to learn. It’s the best site to quickly learn and grasp important concepts.


Web Programming Languages


  • Quickly learn basic concepts.
  • Try the Code on site itself.
  • Easy Navigation through topics.


  • No Project based approach for learning. And No Projects available.

Code Avengers

Code Avengers gives an interactive approach in programming study, much like Codecademy. But, with less choices in languages to learn. Code Avengers only has three languages as for now : HTML, CSS and Javascript.

It’s not entirely free. The courses are divided into 3 levels: Basics, Intermediate & Implementation/Advanced. The basics are free. The other two are available when you buy the course pack from code avengers. But it is worth it since it gives over 100 hours of practice and coding tasks.

The learning experience is excellent with code avengers. The lessons are interactive. You can also write your personal notes for every lesson. There’s a reference book where everything is cataloged for easy search and use.

There are tutorials provided to achieve goals like building a professional website using HTML/CSS and development of app and game using JavaScript. There are code camps where you can learn directly from tutors. The details are on their site. And last but not least ,the future update will add jQuery and Python tutorials to Code Avenger’s rank. So, stay tuned.


Pros  :

  • Easy To Learn.
  • Interactive System.
  • References.
  • Personal Notes Attachment.
  • Targeted Tutorials

Cons :

  • Not Entirely Free.
  • No video Tutorials.
  • No Forum

Code School

Code school teaches few languages. You learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby and iOS development. Yes, Code school have specially dedicated lessons for learning iOS.

Why Code School is unique? For starters, the learning system is interactive. There are four paths to choose from. Each path stands for Different coding languages. Once you finish choosing your path, you can select from different lessons. Each lesson consists a video and some challenges. Challenges are just lessons. If you get stuck, there are hints available. Completing every challenge will reward you with points, making learning a little interesting.

Code School have their own forum for problem discussion. Code school also provides elective courses to fully master the language. There are many screen-casts to refer but they require enrollment to code school.


Pros  :

  • Interactive System.
  • Video Tutorial.
  • Easy Difficulty.
  • Forum.
  • Screen Casts

Cons : Not Entirely Free

LearnStreet (Has been Shut Down)

For more Info: End of the Road for Coding Startup, LearnStreet.

If you prefer working on projects rather than reading lessons, LearnStreet is for you. You can learn Javascript ,Ruby ,Python.

You can find more projects than lessons on LearnStreet, that doesn’t mean lessons sucks. Every course have lessons and unique exercises. The layout is neat,description and all the details regarding the lesson are categorized in different tabs for easy access. You can also refer to numerous videos linked to lessons for extra details.

Once you finished with lessons, you can start working on different projects to sharpen up your coding skills. The projects are categorized in three difficulty levels : Beginner , Intermediate and Advanced. The projects are further categorized in 3 different types : Games, Tools and Algorithms. The estimated time is included in every project.

The disadvantage would be that there are not many languages that are supported. There are not many lessons to study. But what’s important,Quality or Quantity? It’s on you.

Pros  :  Easy Difficulty | Simple Learning System | Videos | Lots of Projects

Cons :  Only 3 languages | Few Lessons]


Treehouse offers over 100 courses across 11 topics : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Design, WordPress , Ruby, iOS, Android, Dev Tools and Business.

Treehouse offers loads of stuff. There are lessons, video tutorials with a Forum. Earn points and unlock achievements by finishing lessons. You get your own workplace to experiment with coding. It’s not over yet. There is more! There are code challenges, Quizzes, Conferences, Bonus lessons and Live workshops. They can even help you get a Job based on skill you acquired.

And one more thing, The lessons have easy difficulty. Treehouse is novice friendly. Visit their site to get more detailed info about every features. Treehouse is not free. You can try 14 days free trial, but that’s it.After that you have to buy either basic or pro monthly membership to continue. Is it worth it to buy the membership?



Pros :  Easy Difficulty | Over 100 courses | Video Tutorials | Achievements | Challenges |  Conferences | Live Workshop.

Cons :  Not Free (Only 14 Days free trial) | Requires monthly membership

Conclusion: Programming is an Endless Journey.

Programming is fun. If you take programming as a tool to just earn money. Then you’re never gonna succeed. Programming needs deep understanding of concepts. Yes, you can make your pocket full but it won’t happen unless you dive into that specific language and understand each every bit.

A quick little tip I’d like to give. With every topic or lesson you learn always make sure you try out that code. By trying it out I mean make something out of it. May be a small functionality. Don’t rush over the language. Understand each and every bit. That will surely help as you progress in your programming career. This is why I like project based approach learning. You will apply the code as you learn it.

This is my personal opinion. If you think I missed something in this article or I am wrong, leave a comment.(Just don’t make it very hurtful. 🙂 ) These were some of the great sites, so try few of them before settling to any specific website. Leave a comment of what you like and what’s your take on these sites.

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