Augmented Reality Games : Top 5 Games Similar To Pokemon Go

pokemon_go_logoYou might have come across the term “augmented reality” a couple of times in the recent years but its meaning is often shadowed. For those of you who don’t know what this term means, augmented reality simply means altered reality. To bring this into effect, augmented reality makes use of various elements such as sound, video, graphics etc. that are integrated with your real life surroundings. Augmented Reality Games make use of augmented reality to engage the users.

A very fitting example of this would be Pokemon Go. The augmented reality-based game, which came out last year gathered attention from millions of people around the globe and was the most popular game among other augmented reality games.

Pokemon Go made Pokemon appear in your surroundings through your phone’s camera app and the GPS. Pokemon would appear on your phone screen through the camera in places such as your bedroom or the nearby park. You would then have to swipe on your screen to throw a Pokeball at the right distance to catch the Pokemon.

Now Pokemon Go’s craze might have died but there are a lot of other augmented reality games out there which deserves your attention. So here’s a list of 5 other augmented reality games for your Android & iOS devices.

1. Real Strike (Android and iOS)

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Based on one of the most popular FPS (first person shooter) games in the world Counter Strike, Real Strike applies the game’s essence to the real world. Like most augmented reality games, it makes use of your phone’s camera and turns your surroundings into a legit battlezone. You have 25 guns to choose from 6 different categories to gun down your enemies.

The game runs smoothly and unlike many AR games, this one gives a realistic feel. You can even experience the recoil of the gun as you fire multiple bullets. You also have gun attachments and tactical gear like night vision, thermal vision or a tactical flashlight to choose from.

Download For Android: Real Strike

2. ARBasketball (iOS)


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The name is enough to suggest what this AR based game is about. ARBasketball is a simple and easy to use game wherein you have to shoot basketballs on your screen by swiping on it and try to make the balls land in the basket. Now, where the basket lies is where the AR comes in.

You’ll have to first print a market and place it at the location you want the basket to be. The game is fairly easy to play once you get used to the slider settings but it has different modes to keep things interesting. A multiplayer mode and a global leaderboard help you compete with other players as well. The game also saves your progress in case you quite the app or get a call.

Download: ARBasketball

3. Paintball Arena (Android and iOS)


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Paintball is fun in real life. Imagine how fun would it be if you could play it in augmented reality at any place through your smartphone? The Paintball Arena lets you do exactly that. This augmented reality game turns your surrounding into a paintball battleground using the phone’s camera.

The game is a multiplayer only game that requires WiFi to play. Before you start playing, you have to mark the color of your rival team. The game can identify when you shot your enemy based on color. Your phone vibrates when you’re shot and shaking the phone will reload your paint gun.

Download For Android: Paintball Arena

Download For iOS: Paintball Arena

4. AR Invaders (Android & iOS)


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Available on both Android and iOS platforms, AR Invaders is, as the name suggests a game similar to space invaders. The Earth has fallen and you have joined the resistance whose purpose is to protect your planet from the hordes of aliens attacking the earth.

Point your smartphone screen up to see the alien spaceships flying towards you and shoot them down, as many as you can. The game has 2 modes: a 360-degree mode if you’re standing or an 180-degree mode if you’re sitting down.

Download For Android: AR Invaders

Download For iOS: AR Invaders

5. DroidShooting (Android) 


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Droidshooting is another augmented reality game wherein you’re being attacked by Droids, a time-based game pretty similar to the one mentioned above. In order to survive, you have to shoot them all out before time runs out. A radar at the bottom of the screen points the direction they’re coming from as the game requires you to look around you at 360 degrees.

The player can choose between 3 different weapons: Laser-like gun, a shotgun, and a missile launcher. The faster you complete the wave, the more score you will get and higher ranking. The player can choose to compete in global rankings as the game lacks in any end-game features.

Download: DroidShooting

Augmented Reality For the Win

Augmented Reality didn’t receive much attention in the past. But, thanks to Pokemon Go that made people leave their comfy couches to use this AR tech. This article mentioned some of the best augmented reality games for Android & iOS. Did we miss your favorite game in the list? Leave your favorite AR game down in the comments section.

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