How to Automatically Adjust Screen Brightness of PC from Day to Night

During late nights surfing the internet in dark may be comfortable to you but not to your eyes. You might have experienced nights where it’s hard to sleep after you’ve used your PC or Laptop for a long time. You do get options to decrease the brightness, but, who cares when an epic fight is going on between Hulkbuster and Hulk.

Well,  considering the epic fight it might look cool to your eyes but the after effect causes some serious damage. You might have felt that eerie blue glow or when you wake up in the morning to jot down an awesome next Gen idea you get blinded by your PC. This actually happens because of the blue color of your screen.

Monitors are actually created to look like sun, but shouldn’t be the case at night. So, to not waste your time in adjusting screen brightness here’s an application called F.lux that can automatically adjust screen brightness.

How to Adjust Screen Brightness with F.lux Automatically

F.lux is a software that automatically checks the lighting condition around you by taking your location and automatically sets the screen brightness that is suitable for your eyes.

auto screen brightness change location

Change Location

First you need to set your location. It does automatically track your location but I recommend to add it by yourself. To change the location go to setting in the option 2 hit change and in there add your pin code or city. It’ll track your location through google maps.

What it actually does is reduces the exposure of blue light at night and increases it during the day. This will help you to sleep better at night. So, you’ll get to see a slightly orange color during night. That might feel awkward at first but you should get used to it.

automatically adjust screen brightness

Adjust color intensity for Day and Night

You do get options to set color intensity to whatever suits your eyes. In the settings get to the first option and you’ll get a graph for setting color intensity during daylight and night. Move the graph to left or right to increase and decrease intensity during day and night.

automatic adjust screen brightness hotkey

hotkey in action

You can also make the app disable for an hour or until sunrise. The disabling action has a hotkey -ALT + end. Next you also get hotkeys for dimming the light. To dim the lighting press Alt + Page up and to increase the lighting press Alt + Page Down.

There’s Movie Mode that on enabling makes the blues and skin tones more accurate so that you can enjoy movie in better HD colors. Another mode to mention is the Safe Mode. It makes sure that PCs and laptops with low graphics are not harmed. Making the graphics drivers adaptable to the situation.

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