Ballloon: Upload Files to Dropbox and Google Drive in just One-Click


You’ve found an awesome pic or some useful file on internet and you want to upload it to a cloud storage service to sync it with your devices or share it. So, you’re probably gonna download that file or pic and then move it to a syncing folder. That’s a bit time consuming and less productive. So, Balllon is here to help you cut-off that time of downloading and moving the file to your sync folder.

Balllon(Yes 3 ‘L’s) is a chrome extension that downloads and uploads the file or pic from a website to your preferred cloud storage service in just one click. For now the extension can only sync through Dropbox and Google Drive. (Being Dropbox a Fan, I’ll use Dropbox to show how it works. It works similarly with Google Drive.)
Download the extension from chrome web store(Link given below). After installing you’ll have to first register your e-mail ID using Google sign-in(That’s for giving permission to the app). Then you’ll be taken to the options page where you’ve got to select your cloud service. Dropbox or Google drive, also you can keep both selected. You’ll see the three ‘L’s, which are used to toggle the visibility of the hover icon. Press 3 times L in one second and the hover icon will go away and press L three times again, boom! it’s back. Pretty smart.
Well, you can upload a pic directly to the cloud service by hovering the cursor over the pic, at the top right corner you’ll see a balloon with icon of your chosen cloud services. Click on the preferred service and it’ll directly download and upload it to the cloud.
You can also download PDF files by right clicking on the link and choosing the balllon option in the menu. Actually you can send anything to your cloud service by using this right clicking method.

Using it on Dropbox

As you can see in the above GIF, the working of ballloon was pretty fast. A separate folder called balllon was created in dropbox and everything worked smoothly. Also to check the history of what was sent through ballloon, you’ll need to head to the departures section on ballloon’s website.
They’re in beta stage so you may find some errors while using it. Well, they welcome each and every feedback and also ideas about how to improve the extension. A must use extension for every cloud savvy user.

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