Battery Managers for your Windows Laptop

Battery managers are really handy tools to effectively manage your battery. The default windows battery manager doesn’t provide much features. So, if you always run out of your battery and need someone to properly manage it and save a bit of battery than you should use a battery manager.


Battcursor battery manager gives you full control over your battery. As the default battery manager by windows is way too complicated to use. Battcursor makes it so easy and you can handle everything through one window.
You can easily change your battery profiles just with right click on the battcursor battery > Profiles. You can also set manger to automatically change profiles. Say for example if battery is above 70% High performance will be used, below 50% “balanced” and below 25% “power saver”. As shown in the screenshot.
It also shows colors for particular charging levels. When the battery is above 30% the bar battery bar is green, when it goes below 30% the bar becomes yellow and below 15% it goes red. Also you can change the colors.
Screenshots from Developer’s site
The cursor changes it’s color according to the battery percentage. You may feel it annoying. You can change it to “never change color” from cursor settings. There are many features available that you may not find in the windows battery settings. Easy to use and can handle everything from one windows. It’s the ultimate battery manager and one of my favorite.


Aerofoil is much is more specific. It helps you easily maintain your power profiles. If you’re not comfortable with colorful stuff provided by Battcursor you can go for aerofoil. It changes your power profiles automatically. You choose profiles for your laptop when you’re plugged in or when you’re on battery.

If you’re on windows 7 you can choose for switching off the aero glass on power saver profile. Even you can mute the volume for a particular profile.
Download Aerofoil

Batterybar [Recommended]

Batterybar provides you accurate information of your battery. A battery like bar appears with battery percentage at the taskbar. On clicking the bar it changes to time remaining for battery to fully discharge. On hovering it shows details of the running battery.
It performs all the functions as a normal battery manager does. But it’s unique in the way it shows the information. You can change the style of bar and modify it. The battery bar has two versions basic and Pro. The basic version gives you 30 day free trial to use the pro version. Basic version lacks many features. Pro would cost you $8 for a license key. It’s the best battery manager I recommend. Worth a pay.

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