Best Android Apps for Productivity 2015

As you get adult, the conscious of making money grows up. Another conscious that builds up is getting more productive. How can I make the best use of my time? How can I Organize my time and reach my Goal? These questions become very common and obvious. Well, if it doesn’t than there’s something wrong with you buddy.

In this age of Mobile computing it’s not too hard to achieve your Goal. Smartphones are now called our best friends. Also it’s never too hard to be productive, all you need is will and some help from your Smartphone. Help which comes from different productivity apps. So, here’s a list of Best Android Apps for Productivity in 2015.

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Trello – Organize your Whole Life


Trello is a highly customizable Bulletin board, where you can set up tasks, notes, to-do lists and much more. You can create lists and form cards for specific tasks. The neutral design helps you organize all you task positively. You can quickly create a card for an Idea that just popped while you were bathing. Take a picture and set that as card for reminder. You can share your tasks with users and let them edit your tasks. Here’s an awesome article from lifehacker on how you can organize your entire life with Trello.

Asana – Remove the Hassle of Communication within your Team


Asana helps you to eradicate the hassle of emails for communicating with your Team members. Instead of setting bunch of emails to your co-workers for Task, set a Task in Asana and set which members are assigned for it. Set a deadline and get the work done. Users can comment, request and do much more. It also has the iOS and Web App.

Download: Play Store

EverNote – Premier Note-taking Service


Evernote is one of the oldest and strongest competitor in this race of Productivity Apps. You would have heard of the service but it still urges to be added in this list. You can create notes, to-do lists and one of the best features notebooks. It has many other sub applications like Everclip that lets you clip websites into your notes. The design is clean and cool. You can work with your Team member and even chat with them.

Download: Play Store

Pocket – Store those valuable Links to Read Later


Pocket is my own favorite read-it-later app. You can store those good reads or valuable articles with just one tap. And then read it later in a clean reading mode provided in the App itself. It has chrome and Firefox extension to  let you save links on your browser. Also it has a cool little feature to highlight the trending links across other app users.

Download: Play Store

Quip – Ultimate Collaboration App


Quip lets you share docs, spreadsheets, to-do’s with other users so you can collaborate to get the work done. It let’s you chat and create groups for chatting among your members. Share documents and Import or Export them to Microsoft Office. It’s one of the collaboration app that caught my eye this month.

Download: Play Store

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