ATF’s Best Android Apps of the Month [March 2015]

This March we go to see some well designed and innovative apps on Play Store. One thing was sure to notice. “Simplicity”. Here we present ATF’s Best Android Apps of March 2015.

Swipes (To-Do-Tasks Lists)

Swipes is the To-do App that I might think to use for a longer time from now. It’s simple to use and looks beautiful. As the name suggest you “swipe”. Hit the + icon to add the task, which brings up options like setting time and date, notes and tags. You can also share the task to other apps. Evernote can be synced. And also you have the web app to use when your phone is away from you. I felt a sense of simplicity while using this app which I couldn’t find in other popular to-do apps.


Gallery Doctor(Best Android App)




Gallery Doctor sorts out the bad and similar photos out from your gallery. Right after starting the app it’ll start scanning your gallery. After scan it’ll bring up a report card of what amount of bad and similar photos are present. It also gives you the ability to review each photo before cleaning them. Swiping left will delete it and swiping right will keep the pic safe. It does a great job of fetching out bad photos. But, it lacks the ability to choose which folder you want to the app to diagnose. Overall it a great app to free up some space and very useful too. It’s the best android app according to me in this list.





We had shared before about Alt-C. A simple app that lets you copy text from your PC to phone with just one hotkey. Press ALT+C and the text gets copied in the special clipboard of the Alt-C software and simultaneously gets copied on the android app on your phone. All you need is internet connection. No sign-in need. Just you need your phone to be logged in to your Google account as it use the Google’s cloud sharing service. You can manage the text in your phone. They get displayed in form of tiles. One tap will copy the text to your phone’s clipboard and long tap will delete it. It’s nice and effective alternative to Pushbullet’s universal copy-paste.



Now, you can have your Math teacher in your pocket. Photomath gives you direct answer of a math problem with steps included. All you have to do is take photo of the question and the app’s smart text recognition software will capture it and display you the answer in seconds. Though, it still can’t solve complex problems and also cannot recognize hand written questions. Developers have promised to fulfill these requirements in future updates. Great precision and simplicity of the app makes it to come up in our Best apps list.



Drupe brings your contacts and communication apps in one place. If you want to contact Freddy, then just swipe his name to the communication app you’d like to use to contact him. The idea is unique and simple. You get a sticky tiny icon which on swiping will bring out the contacts and the apps. Nicely designed and cool way to contact. Loved the concept which made me add it to the list.


Beatport(Best Android App in UI)



This is official app of Beatport. The one stop music store and streaming service for EDMs and DJ junkies. The app is really beautifully designed and performs well too. What made me add it to the list is the design and UI. It’s the best I’ve come across this year and my best android app in term of UI and design.

So, these are the ATF’s Best Android Apps. If you think we’ve missed any, add them in the comments.

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