Best Android Keyboards + New Keyboard Apps that are Worthy

Best android keyboard apps 2015

Many Android Keyboards have been released on Play Store till date. You could make a separate niche site on Android Keyboards. Every one has their own taste for keyboards. Some choose them based on design, some want to type faster and some want intelligent predictions while typing. Well, it’s hard to get all of these qualities with perfection in a single keyboard. We don’t want to make it hard for you to choose a keyboard. So, we came up with this list of the Best Android Keyboards of all time and some new keyboard apps that are worthy to stand up in this list. We want you try some new Android Keyboard apps.

Note: We haven’t mentioned some best and popular Keyboard Apps like SwiftKey, Swype, Fleksy or Google Keyboard. They are already popular and can be found easily by a simple play store search. Here we have displayed some new and trending keyboard apps that are worthy for your smartphone. We think you should give a shot to these Android Keyboard Apps. 

Best and New Android Keyboard Apps

None of the apps are ranked. All are “the best apps” and deserve to be at the first place based on their specialities.




Multiling-O is super lightweight Keyboard app with all features you might ever need. It’s fully customizable. You can change the layout, change the size of the key and also change the position of the key. It’s also got tons of Emojis to express your emotions to the fullest. It’s surprisingly of just 424 KB in size but still powerful enough to run all the given features. You also get multiple language support with over 100+ languages. But above all it saves battery.  This can be the best alternative keyboard for your phone.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁


FancyKey Keyboard

This is one of those Keyboard apps that your daughter or a little Kid would like to use. It first launched on iOS as 3rd party keyboard app and is best keyboard app on App Store. It has tons of layouts and further customization for that specific layout. With over 800+ Emoji it support 30+ Languages. You can set a picture background of the keyboard. The predictions are also pretty good. Well, just don’t take it as for Kids only keyboard. It’s highly customizable so you can make it look anyway you want. Good predictions and one can type faster with some layouts as they have quite well positioned keys.

Kika Emoji Keyboard


Kika is one of the best designed keyboard apps. It has some great colourful themes. New themes added every week. The performance is very good it won’t lag. It’s fast and easy to use. Another great feature is you can add GIF images right from the keyboard. It has also added stability for Android Marshmallow.


Minuum Keyboard



With Miniuum you can type faster and if you swipe type it will be a great experience for you. You can even monitor your typing speed. It has specific tools for copy and paste. Gesture shortcuts makes it easier to type. Emoji are predicted as you type. So if you type something related to love than it will show love related Emoji. So, if you are Emoji addicted than this might be the best app for you. It also got all other features an Android Keyboard should have.

Minuum Keyboard Free + Emoji
Minuum Keyboard Free + Emoji
Developer: Whirlscape
Price: Free+
  • Minuum Keyboard Free + Emoji Screenshot
  • Minuum Keyboard Free + Emoji Screenshot
  • Minuum Keyboard Free + Emoji Screenshot


Kii Keyboard


Kii is one of those apps that got removed from the Play Store due to some dumb DMCA complaint regards iOS emoji. It got removed a year ago. But it is still being used. It is a mixture of Google Keyboard, Swiftkey and Swype. It has smart predictions, minimalistic design and tons of other features. The app won’t be getting further updates. You can read the post update done by the developer about the removal. You can download it from here.


Let us know down in the comments of what do you think of these Android Keyboard apps. And which one do you prefer to choose.

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