10 Best Apps for Students to Study Better and Learn Faster

We leave in a highly technological era, and the development of technologies influences all parts of our lives. Education is no exception to that. Previously there were no such things as study apps, but now you can really benefit from them. There is no need to keep lots of notebooks or write everything down. Lots of information can be found online. It is simple, and you always have it on the tip of your fingers – in your smartphone. Here is a list of 10 most fascinating and beneficial apps for students.

1. iTunes U

It is an amazing free app for those who have an iPhone. It offers a great collection of completely free lectures and coursework from top professors. Now you get to listen to them any time and place, whether it is for your classes or just for your personal development. The great advantage is that students can get relevant information from the best universities in the world, such as Stanford, Yale, MIT, Oxford, etc. Some of the lectures are interactive; you can also do assignment there.

2. StudyBlue – Android/iOS, Free

If you are an Android user, don’t worry, there are great apps for you too. And this one is a great example. The main advantage is the interactive possibilities. Here you can upload your study materials and share them with other students. There is also an option to create an electronic flashcard.

You can access other flashcards created by students and professors all over the world. It has about 3.5 millions of users that contribute to the app. It is a great option if you want to find supplemental materials or make notes and get instant assignment assistance. By using StudyBlue, it is simple to widen your knowledge on any topic. It is a fascinating way to share knowledge and scientific results.

3. Google Drive: Office Suite With Cloud Storage

The best apps for learning list won’t be complete without Google Drive. It is an amazing platform to create, store and share study materials. It can be accessed from any device and any part of the world. By using it, you can go on vacation, travel and still have all the necessary materials with you. And you can access them via smartphone or laptop, it doesn’t matter.
And the Cloud storage is amazing – there are lots of space for any files and books. Needless to say, it is pretty safe. There are office apps included, such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. You can write an essay, create a Math sheet or even a presentation. If you are going somewhere where there is no Internet access, you can download all your materials. The sharing is also very easy. You just give access to a Doc to your classmate. This way you can work together on the mutual project online.

Great news – if your college has Office 365 for Education, you can access it for free with your school email address. It gives you the opportunity to install different apps on your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

4. Evernote – Android/iOS/Web, Free

This is the best option among apps to help students with notes. First of all, it is free and works on any operating system. You can create notes; organize them by your classes or topics. It is handy when you need to create a schedule for a new term. All the information is saved and stored in the personal Cloud storage. You can also make clips of lectures and share them with others.

5. Coursera

It is a great catalog of online courses that you can follow. It has more than a thousand of them in different languages. Mostly they are in English, but you can turn on subtitles. Some of the courses are free; others are not. They all are created by professors, and Coursera cooperates with such schools as Stanford, Princeton, Michigan, and Pennsylvania Universities.

Each course has video lectures, assignments, tests, and exams. You can do an assignment in a specific period of time, but if you will need some help with the assignments you can always try Australian essay writing service. If you successfully finish the course, you even get a certificate. Basically, you can widen your major or get completely new knowledge in various subjects.

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6. LinkedIn Learning

It is a quite new app that deals with the skills learning. It is mostly focused on the skills that are useful in the work environment, such as an office or creative skills. However, if you feel like you need those, it is a great opportunity. The interface is quite simple, there courses and tutorial. You can also access Lynda’s courses here; they actually recommend using LinkedIn Learning for that.

7. TED

You probably know about TED lectures. It is a non-profitable platform that shares the knowledge all over the worlds. Usually, it features video lectures of different individuals that are about 20 minutes long. You can learn about anything here, like global problems, mental health issues, art or science.

This app is the online library of all TED lectures. O you don’t have to search in YouTube for the topic that you are interested too. It is completely free, and you can enjoy lectures anytime you want.

8. Udemy

This is another learning app that provides a variety of courses. The main focus is any skill you want to learn. However, there are courses for almost any skills, starting with Adobe apps and up to cooking. There are also great courses for public speaking. Some of them are free, but if you want to dive more deeply in the subject, there are courses you need to pay for. The majority of them are based on video lectures and video examples.


It is an amazing organizational app. Here you can easily manage all your classes, schedules, and exams. And all your data is stored in the Cloud. The great thing is – you can work in this apps offline. It is accessible from any device and any operating system. If you need a place where you can organize your entire schedule – it is for you.


This is another organizational app. However, it’s the main focus is the deadline. Here students can set reminders, to-do lists, and due dates. The app is free and available for any iOS. There is a paid pro version. The main difference is that it allows sharing schedule with others. It is useful if you are working on a collaborative project. Otherwise, the free version is quite enough.

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