4 of the Best Call Recording Apps on Android

It is always tough to remember the specifics of a conversation done over a phone call. Maybe it is about some important project or discussion about a new idea, you won’t always have a piece of paper and a pen to quickly jot down the important points. The best way to handle such a situation would be to record the phone call. A backup of the conversation will always be helpful for later use. Android does not natively support phone call recording, but, we can achieve it using third-party apps. So, here are some of the best call recording apps available on Android.

1. Call Recorder ACR:


Call Recording ACR is a great call recording app for your Android phone. It has plenty to offer. The main problem with the call recording apps is that they are not quite stable and the quality of the recordings may deteriorate sometimes. But that is not the case with ACR Call Recording app. The app works smoothly and brings a lot of features to the table. In the app, you will be able to group and segregate the recording on basis of date and search them accordingly.

The app provides an inbuilt file explorer so you can easily manage your recordings. Many formats are available in which you can save the call recordings. If you want some part of your conversation not be recorded then you can simply delay the recording for a particular time. Dialer tones can be avoided using this feature. Although the free version of the app provides plenty of features for you to use, you might want to switch to the premium version too.

The premium version provides integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, WebDAV and FTP as well. Enabling one of the integration, it will automatically save the call recording to the cloud. This can be helpful if you have plenty of recordings taking up storage space, you can upload them to the cloud. The app also has an auto-delete feature that will delete the recording after a particular period of time. All in all, it is a great call recording app and you should definitely try it out.

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2. AllCall Recorder:


If you’re looking for a simple and an easy to use app then All call recorder can be the one for you. It gets the job done perfectly and does not boast of any additional features. It is quite easy to use and operate. By default, it will be recording all the default incoming as well as outgoing calls on your phone. It is a widely used app with a lot of positive reviews. It records the calls in the 3GP audio format and gives you options from the app itself to share it across various platforms like Social Media or sharing it via Email or Shareit. You should definitely try this app out as it gets the recording done pretty simply and easily.

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3. Deluxe Call Recorder Pro:


This app has been around for a long long time. Similar to the above-mentioned app, Delux Call recorder automatically records the incoming and outgoing calls automatically. You can choose between recording just incoming calls or outgoing calls. Also, the automatic recording can be switched off and started manually. This manually switching can be using a simple shake gesture. The feature makes the app handy and efficient to use.

While the app saves the recording files for you, it will include the details such as the Date and the Contact name, so that it is easy for you to organize the recorded calls later. Another excellent feature is that you can set certain contacts in which the automatic recording won’t be toggled on. The app even has a feature to automatically remove any music playing in the¬†background, this will give you a clean voice recording.

For you privacy, the recording can be kept safe by setting a lock password for the app, which is inbuilt. It can also search recording and integrate with Dropbox, so as to help you with sharing your recordings or storing them on the cloud. There are multiple recording formats to choose from, and the quality of the recording is nice as well. It makes the Deluxe Call Recorder a good choice, and definitely worth a try if you are looking out for some A star Call Recorder for your Android phone.

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4. Pro Call Recorder:


Call Recorder Pro is another good recording app for Android. A good point with this app, which is not present in other apps in this list is the Good User Interface with material design. It is very appealing to the eye. But it does not mean that you will have to drop and sacrifice for the functionality. You will be able to add notes to the recordings so that you can use them to organize the recordings later. It has many audio formats in which it can record. You can search for the recordings through name or also by the notes that you had previously added. It might not have as many features as other call recording apps on this list, but it is definitely is worth a try.

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Backup your Conversations with these Call Recording Apps

It always comes in handy with a recorded conversation which can be used for work or can be used as a proof. We would also like you to know that call recording without user’s consent is illegal in some countries. The user needs to be notified about it before recording the call. So do check the laws of your countries regarding call recording.

These is our list for the best call recording apps on Android. If you have used any other similar app and had a great experience using it then do share it down in the comments.

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