Best Code Editor for Die Hard Web Developers

Best Code Editor For Web Developers

So, are you starting out with Web Development? or are you already half way learning it? You will be still using the code editor that your teacher or some random article on the web recommended you (like this! :P). But, did you ever think of finding which code editor would be best for you? I doesn’t matter if you’ve already gripped your fingers with your current code editor. This list might contain the editor you’re already using.

Here, I’ve compiled the list of Best Code editors by researching online and reading different reviews by users for specific editor and also including my own experiences. The list contains editors that are used by millions of web developers that rely on them to make world class websites. What makes a code editing software the best is it’s ease in use, portability, efficiency and productivity while writing code.

So, here’s the list of Best code editing software.

The Best Code Editors


atom code editor

Atom is developed by GitHub. If you don’t know GitHub, it’s a popular git repository which contains many popular open source projects. You can create your own repository and share your code with others by letting them fork your repository. Atom is open source and Free to use. It has recently launched and has brought great impact in the battlefield of code editors. As mentioned in a tweet by one of the founders of GitHub, Atom was started as an experiment 6 years ago.

At first it may like look like sublime text. There’s not much difference in User interface. Even the shortcuts are same. Apart from that it has some really cool features. You get multiple panes to open different files in different panes. So, if you’ve got a 41 inch big screen and there’s a big project handle, multiple panes can be a huge relief.

It’s got other similar features to sublime like the package manager, file system browser and smart auto-completion which is a must. You can customize the editor the way you want. I mean you can edit the code of the software to customize it and make yourself more productive while coding. There many themes you can apply and make one for yourself.

Many Packages are being uploaded to Packages are like add-on that you can apply to your code. For example, the Prettify package make your code look beautiful by adding color to code text and keep necessary indentation. You can even listen to Radio while coding with Rdio package.

Adobe DreamWeaver

adobe dw code editor

Adobe Dreamweaver Multiple Layouts

Adobe DreamWeaver is the code editor from which I started my Web Development Career. In 2012 I was using Dreamweaver CS4. Well, eventually I found out that I needed more simplistic editor so I shifted to Sublime.

The recent releases of Adobe Dreamweaver is the Creative Cloud version. Well, I haven’t used it yet. But, what I’ve used is CS6. CS6 has brought in pretty good features which other code editors don’t have it yet. Dreamweaver is pretty heavy software with tons of features. You can’t expect Adobe to just release a lightweight code editor. And that is why it’s not free.

The new features include the Fluid Grid Layouts where you can setup your website for each platform – phones, tablets and desktop. You start with choosing a Grid and add DIV tags for the layout. After doing so you can see the live preview of all three Platforms through it’s Multi pane feature.

Other Features include jQuery Mobile themes and support for CSS3 transitions. You need not to write the code for animations it’s already made available. Well, there is no such code editor like dreamweaver that offers such awesome features.

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Codepen is a Playground for Front End Web developers. It’s online with a huge community updating everyday their code and displaying their creativity in form of pen.

Let’s talk about it’s features. The Free mode allows letting you code and display your content to the community. You also get a Blog. When you extend your account to Pro, you’re made available with collab mode. Collab Mode allows others to collaborate with you to code on a project. Other mode is the Professor  mode where others can see you code your project Live. Next mode is Presentation mode which gives you support for showing your code on big screens using projector. You get faster loading and quick change in font size and themes.I love Codepen and it’s the best online code editor.


Bootply is a playground for Bootstrap Web Developers. It’s online code editor specifically for Bootstrap with huge community of bootstrap developers using it to make their development more easier. Bootply provides functionality of drag and drop. You can drag and drop a Navigation bar or Jumbotron and edit the code your way if you want.

There are many integrated Bootstrap plugins and other Frameworks. Tools available in the coding environment are jQuery UI, Bootstrap Select, FuelX, Google Maps, FuelX and much more. It’s free unless you want to download the source code.



Brackets developed by Abobe is a Lightweight code editor for front end web developers. It’s not that popular as Atom but it’s really promising. It’s open source and Free. The main features include live preview, automatic code creation from PSD files and extensions.

It’s also got some little in-built features for CSS animations like the bezier curve builder. It’s a text editor so of course you can edit other languages too which C, C++, Bash, etc. You can find the supported languages under File Language menu. You can even run the terminal from inside.


This list will be updated as time goes. So keep in touch to know other Best code editors.


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