Best Guitar Android Apps 2015

One of our Teenage desires has always been to learn guitar. Learning guitar is not that easy, you got to have patience. With patience comes in hours of time to spend in learning it. Which probably some of you won’t have. Also, no time for Guitar classes except in vacations. So, the last resort is learning it by yourself at your own pace. There are bunch of Android Apps that can help you learn guitar or enhance your skills if you already know the basics. Here are the Best Guitar Android Apps of 2015.

#1 Ultimate Guitar Tabs and Chords




Ultimate Guitar Tab provides with Guitar tablature. It’s the official app of the website All the tabs are provided by users and rated by the users for over 800,000 songs. There are many features like tuning, playing the song as you go through the tabs(only for pro users) and offline access which can be done by adding the song to your favorites. You also get option to search instructional videos related to that song. It’s a paid app for $2.99 and also there are in-app purchases to become a pro user. If you’re ready to spend, this app can be your ultimate app for rest of your musical life. It’s my best guitar android app.

Download: Play Store

#2 Guitar Chords and Tabs




This App is more like the free version of Ultimate Guitar tab. But, with ads. Though can remove them by buying the Pro app. It works the same as Ultimate guitar but not with all features. It lacks auto scroll, tuning and video playback. But, it’s more of Tabs and Chords centered app. It has broad and extensive song library with easy to search format.

Download: Play Store

#3 GuitarTuna

GuitaTuna is best Tuning app I’ve ever used. You can tune any guitar including bass, electric and acoustic. But, it’s just a tuner, but you also get other tools like metronome and chord diagrams. You can also learn guitar by playing the in-built chord games. You can train your ear and become fast in chord shifting. The tuner and games section makes me add this app to the best guitar android app list.

Download: Play Store

#4 Learn Guitar Chords




This is a standalone app to learn guitar chords. If you’re just starting out, this the app the you should download. Even though it doesn’t have the best UI but you’ll learn chords like a pro. You can learn both acoustic and electric chords. Both for beginners and intermediates.

Download: Play Store

#5 Songsterr




Songsterr is another paid app like Ultimate Guitar but with more features. It just doesn’t present the Tabs, it also play along the tempo in background to help you play. The user also gets the ability to slow down the tempo and learn at his own pace. More interesting thing about this app is that all the tabs are accurate and there’s only 1 version of the song. The app is great but you need to get $4.99 monthly subscription to access all the tabs. The free version just provides 15 seconds preview clips, which actually make no sense.

Download: Play store

Final Note: Best Guitar Android App

There are many guitar apps out there that can help start jamming and become a pro. But, I’d like hear from you too, which is your best guitar android app? I myself use Ultimate Guitar for Tabs and GuitarTuna for Tuning. Let me know which are your favorites in the comments section below.

  1. crazymusician

    Hey Abishek,

    Great article! However, you should include Jellynote as well. It gives you everything listed in your article for free, and the premium features are just awesome. (offline songbook, practice mode, learning mode and synchronized videos really help you at learning your instrument)

    You can test this app here:

    Enjoy 😉

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