Best Instagram Downloaders for Android

With over 300 millions monthly active users and 70 million uploads done on average every day, Instagram is the booming photo sharing site where people get mad to share pics of their food they are eating, the place they are right now and videos on the nonsense done by their cute dog or cat. Well, among all these pics you may find a pic or video that you want to download and store it on your smartphone.

So, here we’re sharing with you 2 best Instagram downloaders for your android smartphone so that you can save those smiling and happy moments of your friends with you forever.


InstaGetter is let’s you easily download pictures and videos as you scroll along your instagram. The best feature I like in these app is that you can form a queue of pics and videos you want to download and then download it later altogether. That’s pretty neat. So, let’s see how you can do it.
Download the app from Play store. Don’t instagram right now. Open instagetter first. Now tap on the three dots on the top-right corner and open quick instagram. It opens instagram and instagetter will start running in the background.
Now, all you have to do is copy the share url of the image or video and add it in the instagetter queue. Under the notification drawer you’ll see “Add copied url to queue” and tap on it. The url will be added to the queue which can later downloaded by resuming instagetter.

EasyDownloader for Instagram

EasyDownloader is much more straightforward in terms of quick download. You don’t get the ability to download by creating queue, but, your pic or video gets downloaded as soon as you copy the share url. It’s that simple as that.
To make it actually work you’ll have to run EasyDownloader in the background. So first open the downloader and then open Instagram. Download it on Play Store.
So, these were our best instagram downloaders for your Android smartphone. Let us know in the comments of what you think about these apps. Or do you use any other app better than these? Do share them.

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