8 Apps That Will Help You Become A Better Investor This Year

Looking to equip yourself with great trading tools? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Below is a list of the 8 most useful and practical investment apps that you can get today.

1. Trading App

First things first, you need to get a trading app that you can use for all of your trading and investment needs. To do so, you first need to find a broker that you can trust and make sure that they have a great app to offer you.

If you’re just getting started, we suggest you check out some of the biggest brokers in the world. Plus500, eToro and IQ Option to mention a few. These are all safe and regulated alternatives that are trusted by millions of customers from all over the world.

2. Practice App

Practice is not cheating but rather a short cut to success. Any trader that equips themselves with practice trading apps will have an advantage over everyone else.

By practicing trading and investing on a risk-free platform, you will be able to improve your skills without having to lose money in the process. In our opinion, it’s an excellent way to become a good investor quickly.

Also, most of the leading forex and CFD brokers on the market today offer free demo accounts that can be used for practice. The advantage with that is that you can practice trading on a platform and with assets that you’ll actually use later on.

3. News Outlet

Any fundamental analysis of instruments requires access to updated and relevant news. The most practical solution to this is finding a good financial news provider and downloading their app.

We recommend the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Financial Times, and CNBC, but you can pick the one you prefer the most.

Note that having access to a reliable news outlet is crucial if you want to make it as an investor in 2019. Regardless of how good you are at technical analysis, news and fundamental analysis should always be a part of your strategy.

4. Robinhood

Robinhood is a fantastic investment app for cryptocurrencies and stocks. The app is also the only one of its kind to offer free trading.

So far, Robinhood is only available in the United States, but we are expecting a global expansion. There are just too many traders in Europe and Asia that want to trade stocks and cryptocurrencies with Robinhood.

5. Acorns

We really like the Acorns app because of its simplicity. The Acorns app has been developed to invest the spare change from all purchases made with a credit card connected to the app.

The change is invested in high-performing assets, and an app is a practical tool for anyone looking to make investments smoother than ever before.

Automatic investments and trading is something most traders partake in, and never before has it been as easy as with Acorns. Being the fact that it’s all automatic, you probably won’t even think about your investments every time you use your card, however, sooner or later you will have collected enough to have a pretty decent portfolio.

6. eToro

Remember how we mentioned the importance of using a good trading platform?

In terms of a good trading app, few have the ability to really make a dent, but eToro is different.

Moreover, eToro offers an impressive social trading feature as well as a copy trading feature that is perfect for beginners that are ready to get started. In fact, the eToro copy trading platform and the social trading network is a completely unique product in the industry.

Better yet, eToro has developed one of the best platforms that the industry has ever seen.

7. Stocktwits

In the section above, we mentioned the importance of having access to a good social trading platform, and we have just the tool for you.

Stocktwits is the leading social trading network in the world and an excellent resource for trading advice, guides, and discussion.

Similar to most things in life, there is no better way to learn to trade than from other more traders that are more successful than you. And that’s why we’ve included Stocktwits on this list.

Download the app today and learn how to trade like a pro.

8. Personal Capital

Personal Capital should be your go-to app for investment tracking. This practical app combines information from several leading investment and trading services and allows you to keep an eye on them wherever you are.

In terms of saving time and making investing easier, Personal Capital wins by large margins.


As an investor, you should always strive to improve your skills and maximize your ROI and that means constantly learning new things and adapting to an ever-changing industry. If you’re looking to improve your investing in 2019, the above-mentioned trading apps are 8 tools that have the potential to take you to the next level.

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